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21:45 TYPO3 Core Feature #87435 (New): Allow change of order of content elements in new content element wizards
In the new content element wizard only the order of tabs can be adjusted, but not the order of the content elements.


17:59 TYPO3 Core Feature #87200 (New): Allow HTML and text in email finisher
There is only the choice between html and text mail, but not send both.
16:44 TYPO3 Core Feature #87199 (Closed): Allow RTE for Email finisher mail text
It would be great if the email content could be editable via RTE (sending the field values to the form submitter is b...
15:26 TYPO3 Core Feature #87198 (New): Confirmation finisher with anchor
The finisher should contain the anchor of the form identifier, so that after submitting the form the page would scrol...


11:02 Simulate BE user on FE login Bug #82567: simulatebe TYPO3 v8
I can confirm this (line 158 and 161).


13:08 WEC Map Major Feature #81111: Make extension TYPO3 8.7 compatible.
Jan Bartels wrote:
> I've just pushed an alpha-version for Typo3 8.7 to github:


16:46 TYPO3 Core Feature #87152 (New): Summary finisher
A finisher „Summary“ wich is the same as the summary page, but as finisher would be great (some Text via RTE should b...
16:43 TYPO3 Core Feature #87151 (Closed): RTE for confirmation finisher message
An RTE for the message in the confirmation finisher would be great.
16:07 TYPO3 Core Feature #87150 (New): Access to select option labels
The submitted values of a form can be accessed by {identifier}. But with a select field only the option value is avai...
09:53 TYPO3 Core Bug #82068: Install tool wizard Migrate all file relations from fe_user not visible
I digged into the code and if I could solve it I would have provided a patch, but I couldn’t solve it. I think it is ...

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