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07:57 Mask Feature #80958 (New): Change default folders in the extension settings
Change all paths from /fileadmin/... to /typo3conf/ext/mask_project/...
The extensionkey mask_project ist reserved b...
07:48 Mask Bug #80957 (New): fieldkey with minus and umlauts are possible and generate errors
Related to:
If you create a field with a key like '├╝berschrift-1' it works, but...
07:45 Mask Feature #80956 (New): Create all folders if missing
At the moment only the folder for preview images and for content elements are shown as "missing folders" in the Mask ...
07:43 Mask Bug #80955 (New): EXT:extensionkex syntax not working in Extensionmanager settings
If you change the path in the Mask-Extension settings to a TYPO3 path like 'EXT:myext' ist doesn't work. Mask generat...
07:40 Mask Task #80954 (New): Remove ce_ from previewimage filename
Preview images must have the filename like ce_[elementkey].png
The original idea was to difference them with the pre...


07:39 Mask Bug #79704 (New): Exception (warning) with ksort
I'm not sure - but I think is appears, when there exists no CE or no backend_layout.
And debug mode must be turned on.
07:35 Mask Bug #79703 (New): Nested content slow
If there are about 30 Contentelements with nested content (and some content inside) on one page, the frontend loads a...


07:28 Mask Bug #79095 (New): PHP Warnings
The following 3 warnings are in the TYPO3-Log in the Backend.
TYPO3: 7.6.14
Mask: 2.1.1
PHP: 5.6 FPM (also with:...


11:11 Mask Bug #79011: inconsistent code in mask.json after deleting content elements
We need more details to reproduce this issue.
Please send us the original mask.json and describe your workflow to ge...


11:23 Core Bug #76863: MM Relation with selectMultipleSideBySide Field - Add wizard resets the MM Relation
Hi Kevin, thank you for your "Hotfix-Extension". It works fine in our case with TYPO3 7.6.14.

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