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Reported issues: 1061


09:33 Core Bug #69342 (New): Documentation of changes has invalid reStructuredText


15:21 CloudFlare Client Task #69311 (Under Review): [!!!] Switch to API v4
15:20 CloudFlare Client Revision 17553424: [TASK] Raise version to 1.4.0-dev
Change-Id: Ib89bc07ddd5c87c8943404c7b0c7e905bd0c23bb
Reviewed-on: http://review.typo3.org/42870
Reviewed-by: Xavier P...
09:30 Core Bug #69153 (Resolved): Password in form is transferred as asterisks to TYPO3
Applied in changeset commit:a25b229362819e977ad4205c8f80d08939d7455c.
09:06 Core Revision a25b2293: [BUGFIX] Password in form is transferred as asterisks
Due to a wrong usage of $.inArray() which possibly returns
"0" if element is found at the first position within an ar...


16:07 Core Bug #69239: Change docs.typo3.org to https
Would be cool if we could handle the redirect as well, since I can easily imagine a better layout on docs.typo3.org r...
16:04 Core Bug #69274 (Rejected): Portrait Images rotated after uploading
This is not a bug, when you upload an image, the Core of TYPO3 should not do any magick because changing the orientat...
09:05 typo3.org and community tools Suggestion #69275 (New): Auto-link for release notes
Most of my maintained extensions provide release notes when published to TER. The link is shown in "upload comments" ...
08:55 Sphinx Documentation Viewer Plugin Wiki edit: RESTDOC_150 (#8)
08:55 Resize images automatically Wiki edit: IMAGE_AUTORESIZE_163 (#4)

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