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13:27 Translation Team Bug #68574 (Resolved): Many translations are missing
Applied in changeset commit:37a6afd8dc6e8992ef9cbb6afa69b1719c7a482e.
13:18 Translation Team Revision 37a6afd8: [BUGFIX] Many translations are missing
Change-Id: Id533c7d0d56199c40f609b417a96d4fc320ae4a2
Resolves: #68574
Reviewed-on: http://review.typo3.org/42026
12:56 Translation Team Task #42919 (Resolved): Automatically sync labels of TYPO3 CMS
12:56 Translation Team Feature #28206 (Resolved): Script to manage Pootle and the localization project
12:56 Translation Team Bug #49410 (Resolved): Fix automatic update from the TYPO3.CMS git repo into Pootle
12:55 Translation Team Bug #49419 (Resolved): Update Pootle to newest version
12:54 Translation Team Task #58268 (Resolved): Automatically update base language file from TER
12:54 Translation Team Task #59406 (On Hold): Add cb_wishlist to translation list please
12:53 Translation Team Bug #66098 (Rejected): automate that by allowing the extension author to request a translation pr...
such feature is outside of the business of EM, moreover now.
11:48 Translation Team Bug #68574: Many translations are missing
No, it's not related to #68541.

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