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07:49 Translation Team Bug #81011: EXT:form submitButtonLabel is not used
That really won't be fun to do since there's no way to do it from the UI but targeting at upcoming sprint.


11:26 Translation Team Task #82971 (On Hold): Please add new extension 'timezones' to the translation server
Waiting for this extension to meet the policy explained on the homepage of this project, here in bug tracker.


10:11 LDAP / SSO Authentication Feature #78005 (Needs Feedback): Dynamic LDAP groups
I could possibly understand what you mean but please, describe what you mean with examples and so on. This is just to...
08:30 LDAP / SSO Authentication Bug #82028 (Resolved): Changing Password in BE will let the User login with the new Password
Applied in changeset commit:aea6e5b04bb17c6ed17240481f78962d6533e4f6.
08:08 LDAP / SSO Authentication Feature #78005 (Closed): Dynamic LDAP groups
No feedback given.
08:05 LDAP / SSO Authentication Bug #81614 (Closed): Bad Search Filter when importing a FE user via Backend module
08:04 LDAP / SSO Authentication Revision aea6e5b0: [BUGFIX] Prevent accidental change of a LDAP user password
In order to prevent TYPO3 administrators from accidentally setting an arbitrary
password for Backend/Frontend LDAP us...


12:31 Translation Team Bug #82563: Translation of my extension me_google_calendar is not available over backend modul
You don't have to do anything, just let people add translations. If they have some authority for a language, then the...
08:34 Translation Team Bug #82563 (Resolved): Translation of my extension me_google_calendar is not available over backe...
Removed every translation in other languages, but that's really unfortunate to trash the hard work from those few peo...


14:11 LDAP / SSO Authentication Feature #82940 (New): Support for split field (//) in mapping
Since the method is "the same" in EXT:oidc (as it was borrowed from this extension), we could inspire from this imple...

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