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12:18 TYPO3 Core Revision 50ae1a0a: [DOCS] Fix typo for canonical link feature
Related: #20051
Releases: master
Change-Id: I3891aaa4b62de99a86bf19b3500aabaec6daafc9
Reviewed-on: https://review.typ...


20:47 TYPO3 Core Revision 70fa16cd: [DOCS] Explain that L10n signal/slot is not affected
The breaking change documentation is adapted to explicitly mention that
the signal/slot registration is kept untouche...


22:19 Translation Team Task #85121 (Resolved): HELP - self locked in missing permission
10:40 Translation Team Task #76407: Switch resources for extracted core extensions
Problem is that those extensions changed their name prefix from @TYPO3.core.@ to @TYPO3.ext.@ when not part of the Co...
10:38 Translation Team Task #77053 (Rejected): To much translation files for ext:fs_media_gallery
Looks like it either fixed itself in the mean time or you fixed it on your own, I cannot find "already localized file...
10:37 Translation Team Task #77053 (In Progress): To much translation files for ext:fs_media_gallery
10:36 Translation Team Bug #78770 (Rejected): permission denied to upload a language file
Possibly related to #80123. Anyway, upload of files (as well as download) is supposed to be broken (see #68541)
10:34 Translation Team Bug #80123 (Resolved): tt_board translations missing
You have admin rights on your project tt_board.
10:32 Translation Team Bug #81011 (Resolved): EXT:form submitButtonLabel is not used
No more activity on this ticket and looks like related to a Core question, not something directly related to the tran...
10:29 Translation Team Bug #72627 (Rejected): Noticies RSS do not work
Cannot reproduce, just clicked on the few first links and they worked.

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