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18:09 LDAP / SSO Authentication Bug #82503: Handle recusive groups
By reading the aforementioned code, you see that you need to define a mapping at the group level with key "parentGrou...
17:58 LDAP / SSO Authentication Bug #82503 (Needs Feedback): Handle recusive groups
Did you properly define the mapping for subgroups? Looks like documentation is missing but code shows it should be su...
09:30 LDAP / SSO Authentication Feature #80731: add an option to allow a configuration record with no user
not yet reviewed
09:24 LDAP / SSO Authentication Bug #81783 (Accepted): Call to undefined method TYPO3\CMS\Core\Page\PageRenderer::setBackPath() ...
The corresponding method has not been properly deprecated in TYPO3 v8.
09:21 LDAP / SSO Authentication Feature #82222 (On Hold): set employeeid as uid
09:09 LDAP / SSO Authentication Bug #82028 (Accepted): Changing Password in BE will let the User login with the new Password
When I try to change "my" password while authenticated, so using the popup menu top right, I cannot change my passwor...
08:51 LDAP / SSO Authentication Feature #82222: set employeeid as uid
I guess the way to go would be to store as a configuration option which column should be used for identifying the use...


11:37 Sphinx Python Documentation Generator Feature #82485: Installing sphinx via (github) : not installable on older linux distributions
Please feel free to provide a patch so that the version to be downloaded may be entered manually.
11:35 Sphinx Python Documentation Generator Bug #82484: Sphinx rendering layout problem (height too small) when using system sphinx distribution
I agree that the height is not big enough, but on my system, it is bigger anyway, namely 600px height, which is what ...
08:17 Translation Team Bug #82174 (Accepted): Missing translation on Core changes
Confirmed: English has not been updated.

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