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12:15 TYPO3 Core Bug #89639 (New): Nested site with (active) baseVariants leads to wrong page (root of parent site)
In our setup, there is a root site (rootPageId 1) with a nested sub-site (rootPageId 70). Both sites have a baseVaria...


11:14 TYPO3 Core Bug #89413: Cannot save page with translated page resources (media)
I can confirm this. As a quick fix after the migration I used a query like this:...


16:35 TYPO3 Core Bug #89517 (New): Wrong sys_file record created by ResourceFactory->getFileObjectFromCombinedIden...
This was done on a Windows server with a case-sensitive file storage:
Name of file on file system: 'test.txt'


09:16 TYPO3 Core Bug #87617: Change of flexform definition leads to duplicate data
Related yes, but not the same thing. In #73630 it's about whether there should be flexform data or not, while in this...


16:15 TYPO3 Core Bug #89461 (New): Errors with mixed case file names in case-insensitive storage
In a setup with a file storage, which is NOT defined as case-sensitive, there are several scenarios, in which mixed c...


11:12 TYPO3 Core Feature #55949: IRRE: Copy / Paste / Duplicate Records inline
Same here. This is a constant request by customers. This feature is really missing.
For the time being, I thought ...


11:35 TYPO3 Core Bug #88572 (New): ConfigurationManager returns wrong configuration
My (simplified) page tree looks something like this:...


12:04 TYPO3 Core Feature #86803: Possibility to import other yaml files into a yaml site configuration
I would go as far as calling the current implementation for saving a SiteConfiguration buggy, because it basically de...


14:23 TYPO3 Core Bug #87617 (New): Change of flexform definition leads to duplicate data
We made some rearrangements in a fairly large flexform with several tabs. The main change was that some fields were m...


18:48 TYPO3 Core Bug #84997: Localized records with rendertype selectCheckBox + defaultAsReadonly generate PHP war...
The cause of the warning is described in #87472. The fix proposed by Dmitry will remove the PHP warning, but the elem...

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