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10:54 Developer's Log Feature #76972 (Accepted): Restore log clearing feature


13:00 Developer's Log Feature #76971 (Resolved): Add filtering to backend module
Applied in changeset commit:2bcb85d5de4fc51c3f4d64134c6b028e9bbd81ce.
12:58 Developer's Log Feature #10640: BE module: view log entries since last visit
I don't plan to have date-based filtering in version 3.0, as it is not quite trivial with DataTable. Maybe for a futu...
12:55 Developer's Log Feature #2748 (Resolved): Add possibility to log to file, OS syslog and PHP error_log
In the current master branch, the devlog comes with a DB writer and a file writer. I don't plan to implement more for...
12:52 Developer's Log Revision 2bcb85d5: [FEATURE] Add filters to BE module
Restore column filters in the new BE module.
Change-Id: I61b03a9ec3cb6c19efb3d0dbf0300fd8f38c03ed
Resolves: #76971


17:35 Developer's Log Feature #76971 (Accepted): Add filtering to backend module


23:00 Developer's Log Feature #76970 (Resolved): Rewrite backend module
Applied in changeset commit:c1e1f3174c3c5e0257c3e726c3a606bcdc01dac5.
22:48 Developer's Log Revision c1e1f317: [FEATURE] Rewrite backend module
New backend module, based on TYPO3 7 best practices.
Change-Id: Ice0f771cb630e9bc7309cdaf97be280f0a55073f
Resolves: ...
18:39 Developer's Log Feature #78058 (New): Group rows by run
The display could be improved by grouping the log entries by run. For grouping with DataTables, see: https://datatabl...


21:05 External Import Task #77703: Additional info for the manual: Installation order of extensions
> Hmmm maybe you're right... But I also cleared the cache via the install tool, shouldn't that clear autoload?

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