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09:48 Documentation Inside TYPO3 updated
This manual had last been updated for TYPO3 4.2, and even then it wasn't a full refresh. Some parts were pretty old a...


09:35 External Import Bug #77399: Backend module always visible
Ah, indeed. The fix is quite trivial, but since I just released a new version yesterday, I will wait a bit before pro...
08:57 External Import Tutorial Task #77395 (Closed): Release version 2.0.1
08:57 External Import Tutorial Bug #77382 (Closed): Wrong namespaces
08:57 External Import Tutorial Task #76575 (Closed): Compatibility with TYPO3 CMS 7
08:56 External Import Task #77394 (Closed): Release version 3.0.2
08:56 External Import Feature #77305 (Closed): getExistingUids() as public function
08:56 External Import Bug #77295 (Closed): Error due to wrong namespace
08:56 External Import Bug #77241 (Closed): Unable to import fields containing namespaces


22:00 External Import Tutorial Task #77395 (Resolved): Release version 2.0.1
Applied in changeset commit:03a0d97e37fd70d8fec7bed236b80351b5fb9d33.

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