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15:28 A Better Tag Cloud Feature #76271: New hooks to modify the exec_SELECTquery parameters
Hi. I can understand the need. However I must say that I have currently no plans to release a further version of this...


18:00 External Import Task #76251 (Resolved): Move language files to XLIFF
Applied in changeset commit:6162ab99022deb7118ae337db1f412d7e5659e60.
18:00 External Import Task #76252 (Resolved): Remove deprecated properties
Applied in changeset commit:b8999280ac425279d8a018548699bb4b90225d2c.
17:59 External Import Task #76018 (Accepted): Update documentation
17:41 External Import Revision b8999280: [TASK] Remove deprecated properties
Resolves: #76252
Releases: 3.0
Change-Id: I770913ed86481c1ec304ae3647db9f2124a46e0a
Reviewed-on: https://review.typo3...
17:40 External Import Task #76252 (Resolved): Remove deprecated properties
Two configurations were deprecated in version 2.0.0 and can be removed in version 3.0.0:
* excludedOperations
* m...
17:32 External Import Revision 6162ab99: [TASK] Move language files to XLIFF
Also removed unused labels.
Resolves: #76251
Releases: 3.0
Change-Id: I22907a84007d438f91af72a8dee2142314990ce1
17:00 External Import Task #59441 (Resolved): Rewrite backend module
Applied in changeset commit:c0feb48dccec885cb89639fc3a9cccbabff1b7bd.
16:49 External Import Task #76251 (Resolved): Move language files to XLIFF
16:45 External Import Revision c0feb48d: [FEATURE] Rewrite backend module
Full rewrite of the backend module to use jQuery instead
of ExtJS and any other improvement from TYPO3 7 LTS.

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