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00:02 External Import Support #59484: Problem with FAL images data import
Another relevant resource:


23:00 Core Bug #80268 (Resolved): HTML Parser: <a> tag may have no "href" attribute
Applied in changeset commit:e4edc72df3fbf531e112919d06c6e965ab206188.
22:37 Core Revision e4edc72d: [BUGFIX] Prevent crash saving <a> without "href" attribute
Prevent a PHP error in the HTML parser when saving a content element
containing an <a> tag without "href" attribute b...
09:40 Core Bug #80268 (Closed): HTML Parser: <a> tag may have no "href" attribute
In @\TYPO3\CMS\Core\Html\RteHtmlParser::TS_links_db()@ <a> tags are parsed and their "href" attributes analysed for U...


22:04 External Import External Import moving to GitHub
The repositories for extension "external_import" and all related projects were moved to GitHub. Here's the list of in...
21:23 Connector Services Feature #72843: own curl_setopt params
I think I totally missed the notification when you opened this request. Sorry about that.
I have just moved this r...
19:49 External Import Support #78738 (Accepted): PLEASE DO NOT OPEN ISSUES HERE ANYMORE
The repository was moved to GitHub. Please open issues there:
17:02 Connector Services Task #77915 (Closed): tag for v3.0.0
Done. Sorry for the delay.


18:32 External Import Feature #78723 (Closed): Improve column configuration check
18:32 External Import Bug #78721 (Closed): Search state saved but not displayed again

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