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14:01 TYPO3 Core Bug #87770: with non-integer pageUid fails to render
Moved to right project.


18:22 TYPO3 Core Bug #87734: [TYPO3 9.5.4] Typo in function name setIndexingInProg(r)ess
Moved to right project.


14:56 Task #83397 (Closed): Install a voting plugin
After talking to Benni Mack this is not needed anymore.
14:56 Task #83398 (Closed): Install redmine_issue_template plugin
After talking to Benni Mack this is not needed anymore.
12:09 Workspace Preview Advice Bug #87355 (New): Workspaces error when only preview mode is "vbox"
I hope the TYPO3 Version is 9.
Moved this Ticket from Project "Forge" to "TYPO3 Core"


21:49 Task #83398 (Needs Feedback): Install redmine_issue_template plugin
@Mattes: Is this still required?
21:49 Task #83397 (Needs Feedback): Install a voting plugin
@Mattes: Is this still required?
21:47 Server Team Feature #80869 (Rejected): Use custom error pages for server errors
As we plan to follow a new approach I am going to close this now.
21:36 Task #83399 (Rejected): Clean up roles in redmine
Won't do.
This is just a cleanup task that could result in unknown problems as we do not know if other projects u...
21:31 Bug #83684 (Closed): E-mail change in new ui crash gerrit account
I was not able to reproduce this manually right now, if this problem happens once again please open a new ticket, for...

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