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09:42 Server Team Feature #82176 (New): oAuth Provider ( LDAP )
In order to allow projects that do not belong to the / infrastructure we need to have an alternat...


09:39 Bug #81339: doublet in surname
Took a look on this yesterday.
Redmine is not going to update you based on your LDAP Settings. Don't know why...


07:15 Bug #25730: "Request for Membership" mails are broken
I opened it in OSX Mail so my client should work. Just recognized, that there are two times the same text... Content-...


12:55 Bug #25730: "Request for Membership" mails are broken
Sorry for taking so long. I had to search for this mail again and we got informed this week that we need to be on a f...


18:44 Bug #25730: "Request for Membership" mails are broken
Got it, yes =).


10:41 Server Team Task #81088 (New): Write documentation about how to change a name in the ecosystem.
We need to write down what we have to do when changing
10:29 Server Team Task #81083: Gerrit-LDAP: Investigate Gerrit groups when switching to LDAP
Perhaps we need to write groups to LDAP? memberOf Attribute could work here. Would be available on Thursday to talk a...


16:33 Core Bug #80918: TYPO3 8.7.1 fluid_styled_content ClickEnlargeViewHelper
Hey ho,
are you sure, that is the right place to report this? Perhaps you wanted to report this to...


11:32 Feature #57810: Can't delete a project (including git repo)
I read documentation right now and found no way to delete a project as normal user...
@Steffen: Are you sure that ...
11:26 Feature #57810: Can't delete a project (including git repo)
The new version is not yet rolled out^^. This will happen soon.

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