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06:54 Server Team Wiki edit: Meeting_Protocols (#176)


13:20 TYPO3 Core Bug #88517: Localization in Middleware
- Moved to correct Project
- Guessed Version 9


09:23 Server Team Bug #86375 (Closed): "SELECT COUNT(*) FROM hackmd.Sessions;" has 195368 sessions after one week
The Default Session Life Time is 2 weeks, we can reduce this with the sessionLife Variable (


11:02 Server Team Bug #88413: Updates OTRS Security Team
- Changed MailBox to drop Spam instantly.
10:58 Feature #80801 (Rejected): gravatar: Improve privacy by not sending a referrer
After checking this out it 3.4 we decided that spend work will be far too high as we are not able to change config/en...
10:55 Bug #81033: Use a new Redmine theme
Is this request still requested or shall we put budget in adopting our theme responsive?
10:36 Feature #48322 (In Progress): Enhance "Custom Queries" list visualization
Added this to the 3.4 Version. Not yet deployed and live....
10:24 Bug #85766 (In Progress): redirect back to issue when logging in from the issue single view
Checked this on my local 3.4 instance and it worked even behind a nginx reverse proxy with the same settings. Will ve...
09:53 Bug #86005 (In Progress): Integration of hosting partners in Forge footer broken
Added to 3.4 Instance, not yet deployed to life.
09:52 Feature #83327: Hint for new users on login form of
Added to 3.4 Instance, not yet deployed to life.

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