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18:51 TYPO3 Core Feature #87956: Upgrade Bootstrap used in Backend to Version 4
Bootstrap is almost up to 4.3, and 5 is in heavy development. Bootstrap 5 will support IE11 and also removes jQuery a...


22:37 TYPO3 Core Bug #81157: Typoscript SELECT: orderBy = rand() fails
Try this:
select.orderBy = rand()
select.selectFields = pages.*,rand()@


02:51 Direct Mail Bug #52077: CSV-Import
Thanks for your efforts!
I tested the patch ( with TYPO3 6.2.7 and tt_address 3.0.0-de...


20:52 Direct Mail Support #62694: Upgrading Typo3 from 6.1.x to 6.2 and keeping the direct_mail data
Hello Timotheus, the only way the tables should be gone is if you removed the tables using the installtool. I had a T...
20:33 Direct Mail Bug #52077: CSV-Import
I confirmed this in a fresh empty installation of TYPO3 6.2.6 with only direct_mail 4.0.0 and tt_address 2.3.5 instal...


20:13 Calendar Base Bug #47259 (Closed): weekStartDay = Sunday -- broken as of r68980
In cal from TER (1.5.2) and in svn up to r68979, weekStartDay = Sunday works. Starting in r68980 there are ...


16:41 Calendar Base Bug #41433 (Closed): extra < in organizer_address_model.tmpl
Line 3 in standard_template/organizer_address_model.tmpl:
Remove the extra < before <h1>


15:21 Calendar Base Bug #37163 (Closed): Backend search - TCA searchFields needed for TYPO3 4.6+
Please add a searchFields configuration (suggestions below) so the backend search can find calendar records in TYPO3 ...


19:43 mm_forum Bug #10827: Frontend Administration: Not able to move topics
Patch attached for r53490


21:57 mm_forum Bug #10827: Frontend Administration: Not able to move topics
In 1.9.2, Administrators can move posts but Moderators still have a blank list (as shown in the screen shot...

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