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Reported issues: 1040


08:00 Core Bug #80338 (Resolved): Translation fails for mergeIfNotBlank + null value
Applied in changeset commit:7d3fedff3f91fe90881f2cd5ccee84192ac98f25.
07:51 Core Revision 7d3fedff: [BUGFIX] AllowLanguageSynchronization processes null values twice
TCA columns having 'l10n_mode' defined to either 'exclude' or
'mergeIfNotBlank' (later is autotatically migrated to t...


12:08 Core Bug #80172 (Resolved): "group" TCA field prefills wrong items if relations exist
12:07 Core Bug #80172: "group" TCA field prefills wrong items if relations exist
Merged in commit:a0e968c5889ecd7a0706cc44e31144caa6560e05
11:47 Core Bug #80364: Localizing inline records fails
Hm... the recent change in powermail defined the @fields@ field to only be displayed in the default language. Hence, ...


16:16 Core Bug #80347: sys_category_record_mm misses UNIQUE INDEX on combination of uid_local, uid_foreign, ...
Frans, can you by chance post a full stack-trace of the exception?
Besides that, it would be interesting if there was...
10:30 Core Task #80345 (Resolved): Deprecate further l10n_mode usages
Applied in changeset commit:77465a6d4554e5f9418a2b50aa12bfacefaec261.
10:30 Core Task #79770 (Resolved): Deprecate inline localizationMode
Applied in changeset commit:7cbf89adf5edd597d7eae1b3c5de93514f1efe95.
10:16 Core Revision 77465a6d: [TASK] Deprecate further l10n_mode usages
This change is focussed on runtime processing of l10n_mode
which is not required anymore. Thus accordant internal
10:16 Core Revision 7cbf89ad: [TASK] Deprecate inline localizationMode
TCA type's inline localizationMode can either be "keep" or "select".
At least "keep" is counter-productive if allowLa...

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