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08:23 powermail Bug #75390 (Closed): Error in backentool with version 2.25.1
After my Update from 2.25.0 to 2.25.1 powermail lost the functionality of the the backentools "Extended Search" and E...


18:42 Core Bug #25021: Create page via drag'n'drop does not respect TCAdefaults in pagets
In 6.2.19 this bug is still not fixed. We are using the extension from Ernesto Baschny and the userinformation (usern...


10:11 Grids for Bootstrap Bug #71880 (Closed): No C-types available
I've a brand new typo3 7.6 with gridelements 4.0 and boostrap_grids 1.4 from the TER. It's not possible to select any...


16:03 Job Fair Bug #60371: Wrong action
Hi Daniel,
sorry, but I was in a hospital. Today, I saw you fixed it, yes, it works fine.
By the way, is it possi...


12:26 Job Fair Bug #60371 (Closed): Wrong action
If I try to add a new contact in the backendformular, I can create a new "sector".
The search feature is not avail...


09:43 Core Bug #32292: Page within a mountpoint using "Show Content from Page" results in 503 header
I've tested Mountpoints in a clean installation TYPO3 4.7.7 with PHP 5.3 (testversion on Mittwald, there are only 4 p...


16:59 powermail Bug #38258 (Rejected): missing the flag for Send this content via email
In Version 2 it's not possible to check "Send this content via email" when you use "Show some text", a very comfortab...


15:20 register4cal Bug #28416 (Resolved): disableUnregister
the disableUnregister has no functionallity. I solved it with a css -> style display: none. I tried to comment ###unr...
15:14 register4cal Feature #28414 (Resolved): Show free places
It would be very nice to see the free places of an event, whatever persons are logged in, or not.


10:48 Frontend News Feature #27711 (Closed): Datafields
A editor should have the right to set start/stop rights for a new news item.

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