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13:10 Core Bug #82733 (Rejected): Workspaces and multidomain
When you work with a multi domain website and you want to open previews on another domain you need to set the followi...


14:16 Core Bug #82697 (Resolved): Correct an always-true if statement in GeneralUtility::mkdir_deep
Correct an always-true if statement in GeneralUtility::mkdir_deep


14:14 Core Task #82602 (New): EXT:backend SplitButtons.js


20:42 Core Bug #82271 (Rejected): Extbase error model not set when TYPO3 installed in a subdirectory
Hi, I reject this issue because we have many installations with extbase models running in a subdirectory.
This does ...
20:39 Core Bug #82480 (Needs Feedback): extension list in em shows wrong data
Did you update the list with the button next to it?
The date should update after running "Update now".
19:43 Core Bug #82564 (Rejected): Error when adding inline record that has no endtime column configured
Hi thanks for reporting this issue. However this problem has already been fixed with #82330 and is available in the l...


11:28 Core Bug #82482 (Rejected): Custom Pagination doesnt work since TYPO3 8.7.6
Hi, thansk for reporting. There is already a ticket for this wrong behaviour. See #82344
I close this ticket as a ...


15:01 Core Bug #82474: Disable pageTSconfig Caching in Extbase
Just a note, this won't happen anymore for TYPO3 7.6


14:51 Core Bug #82407 (Closed): Regression in templatePath resolving
Hey Rens, this is a known regression unfortunately. There are already some other forge tickets for this regression, s...


19:55 Core Bug #82374 (Needs Feedback): typo3 8.7.6 and 8.7.6 Problem with tag's in the CKeditor Table
CKeditor version in 8.7.6 is the same as in 8.7.4, in 8.7.5 an update was done but got reverted in the latest 8 versi...

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