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11:34 Core Bug #62074: Calculated absolute path to tslib directory does not exist.
Alexander Opitz wrote:
> So you are using the php for cgi and not cli. Du you have an executable called php5-cli?
11:00 tt_news Bug #63761: sys_log table bloating with the PHP Runtime Deprecation Notice from tt_news
Gernot Ploiner wrote:
> Your solution works fine for me (TYPO3 6.2.14, tt_news 3.6.0). Thank you!
> Modify the code...


09:19 Core Feature #28382: Allow asynchronous JavaScript files
how can I load the compress (minify) files async in TYPO3?
the normal way:...


17:57 Static file cache Support #76249: nc_staticfilecache and a form
Hi Tim,
thanks for the answer!
i have in all tx_news sites a contact-form, now i canĀ“t cache the sites :(
The ...
16:04 Static file cache Support #76249 (Closed): nc_staticfilecache and a form
hi, how can i use the nc_staticfilecache Ext with the f:form tag?
The f:form Tag can use the no_cache part, but it...


09:02 freeCap CAPTCHA Feature #76062 (Resolved): add freeCap.js via includeJSlibs for compression
plz add the freeCap.js Data not via HeaderData (imageviewhelper.php).
for compression we need the file via in...


09:34 pw_comments Feature #75166: Add to template
u can self outsource the template!...


10:23 pw_comments Task #68662: Check TYPO3 7.3 and 7.4 Compatibility
same here.
new updates for the bug?
10:18 pw_comments Support #72500: Not compatible with typo3: 7.6.2
plz update the ext. for the TYPO3 7.6.x
i have the same Error in the 7.6.4
_Fatal error: Call to undefined meth...


13:11 Core Feature #16525: "<INCLUDE_TYPOSCRIPT:" and multi level conditions
Niels Tiedt wrote:
> You can set the conditions in the external ts-file.
jep this works.

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