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15:35 TYPO3 Core Bug #45606 (Closed): Forms: Mail-Layout destroyed
When a form-layout is adapted by custom wraps, there are errors in the sent e-mail. The same problems occur on the "c...
15:12 TYPO3 Core Bug #45605 (Closed): Forms: Optimize and fix certain validation rules
The following validations do not work properly:
* e-mail address: there is no regex behind the test. It just looks f...


12:54 TYPO3 Core Bug #42691 (Closed): Fatal-Error in Extconf-Userfunction by getCurrentConfiguration
I want to get my extconf in a postinstall-hook. In advance i'm unsure if this is a bug or just the wrong strategy to ...


08:34 TYPO3 Core Bug #42272: CheckboxgroupElement not found
Thanks for your quick answer. Here is the stack. ...


13:37 TYPO3 Core Bug #42272 (Closed): CheckboxgroupElement not found
A Fatal error: Class '\TYPO3\CMS\Form\Domain\Model\Element\CheckboxgroupElement' not found in '.../

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