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13:01 TYPO3 Core Bug #80515 (New): TypoScript references <= not working for PAGE objects
The example from docs with TEXT objects works but doing the same with a PAGE object fails.
h2. Related docs


15:02 TYPO3 Core Bug #20705: Flexform doesn't know field type:passthrough
Same issue (on 6.2)


15:28 TYPO3.Fluid Bug #42947: TextareaViewHelper is missing required attribute for html5
Christian Knuth wrote:
> this is so bad. it's developer unfriendly and not intuitive. Any reason why unknown attribu...
14:59 TYPO3.Fluid Bug #50555: Can't get an empty array in if condition
It seems like duplicating the content to keep the source code slim isn't the right or logical answer imho...


14:12 Direct Mail Subscription Bug #76696: Directory Classes not part of installation
I am facing the same issue.
It's probably because of the autoload directive in composer.json (Classes).
You sho...


12:42 TYPO3 Core Bug #78831: Page shortcut "first subpage of page" with no accessible subpages causes uncaught Pag...
We're just facing the same Problem in TYPO3 6.2(.30) any chance that this gets backported?


18:29 Direct Mail HTML view Feature #67886: 6.2 Readiness
Wow i see its indeed a arithmetical problem *2012 vs 2014*
I really didn't want to do this but you literally asked...


10:07 Direct Mail HTML view Feature #67886: 6.2 Readiness
Added by Vitoandre D'Oria 11 months ago.
Added by Clemens Riccabona 1 day ago.
You guys have a really weird under...


12:14 Direct Mail HTML view Feature #67886: 6.2 Readiness
Clemens Riccabona wrote:
> This has nothing todo with TYPO3 6.2 but with the direct_mail version (which is NOT part ...


12:11 Direct Mail Bug #67888: No tt_address HTML mail - TCA gets overwriten (missing module_sys_dmail_html and modu...
I also think you shouldn't force people to use tt_address as it isn't really required. One could use fe_users instead...

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