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Extbase: Overwriting objects by TS not working in CommandController?

Added by Vitoandre D'Oria almost 10 years ago. Updated almost 6 years ago.

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plugin.tx_ext {
    objects {
        TYPO3\CMS\Extbase\Configuration\ConfigurationManagerInterface {
            className = MY\Ext\Configuration\ConfigurationManager
        TYPO3\CMS\Extbase\Configuration\BackendConfigurationManager {
            className = MY\Ext\Configuration\BackendConfigurationManager
module.tx_ext < plugin.tx_ext

    MyCommand($pid) {
        $this->configurationManager = $this->objectManager->get('\TYPO3\CMS\Extbase\Configuration\ConfigurationManagerInterface');

I also got the following questions:
1.) Why aren't we able to change the pid in BE? For Tasks its possible to obtain a pid but since you initially set this value we are not able to just do $_POST['id'] = $pid; afterwards. Neither we are able to overwrite the pid.

2.) Documentation of this objects Syntax is not existing? I just found some old config.tx_extbase example blogs and the code here: makes no sense (at least to me).
Why $classNameWithDot ???

From \TYPO3\CMS\Extbase\Object\Container\Container i would guess i have to overwrite the interface instead the concrete class!? Does this make a difference (in both cases its not working for me)?:

     * register a classname that should be used if a dependency is required.
     * e.g. used to define default class for a interface
     * @param string $className
     * @param string $alternativeClassName
    public function registerImplementation($className, $alternativeClassName) {
        $this->alternativeImplementation[$className] = $alternativeClassName;

Hope someone explains that feature or points me to a wiki? page that isn't completely outdated. I also wouldn't mind it if the source code was better documented e.g. samples like the one given here :-)

ps. does this feature also have a official name? Searching for className, objects TypoScript isn't that great.

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Updated by Vitoandre D'Oria almost 10 years ago

I am using now a workaround which involves $this->configurationManager->setConfiguration(). Should i feel guilty while using this function?

Sets the specified raw configuration coming from the outside. Note that this is a low level method and only makes sense to be used by Extbase internally.

I simply placed the TS on the first page:

    plugin.tx_my.persistence.perstoragePid = 1,2,3

    plugin.tx_my.language.0.storagePid < plugin.tx_my.persistence.perstoragePid
    plugin.tx_my.language.0.storagePid := addToList(4)

    plugin.tx_my.language.1.storagePid < plugin.tx_my.persistence.perstoragePid
    plugin.tx_my.language.1.storagePid := addToList(5)

and got the following TS at the plugin page:

    plugin.tx_my.persistence.storagePid < plugin.tx_my.settings.language.0.storagePid
    [globalVar = GP:L = 1]
    plugin.tx_my.persistence.storagePid < plugin.tx_my.settings.language.1.storagePid

With this TS its possible to have different storagePids in FE and in BE simply traverse the language array
and overwrite $frameworkConfiguration['persistence']['storagePid'] by using $this->configurationManager->setConfiguration($frameworkConfiguration);
Of course you could also give your CommandController a sys_language_uid and process that one only.

I really like this approach. Also regarding setConfiguration() i am currently using this for a proxy plugin that forwards the request to individual controllers. The controllers won't have their own TS loaded nor a correct storagePid set. But setConfiguration() allows me to set the individual configuration.

Again i think that's a nice approach and thus wonder if that function should really only be used for internal calls.

I also wonder why it's not the default behaviour when someone forwards a request (to load the appropriate Framework)

Edit: The reason for split storagePid's lies in the language overlay (no L=1 page without L=0) limitations of TYPO3. We are using 2 sysFolders both sys_language_uid=0 to distinguish between different translations and thus need them split in order to find the requested language records.

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Updated by Mathias Brodala over 9 years ago

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