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17:57 TYPO3 Core Bug #59383: Create page via drag'n'drop does not respect TCAdefaults from UserTS
Patch set 1 works for me. (TYPO3 8.7.19)


13:04 Static redirects Bug #83751: Redirecting to speaking urls with realurl 2.3.1
I can confirm this issue too.
Tested on Typo3 8.7.19 and realurl 2.4.0
Downgraded to 2.3.0 fixes my Bug....
12:21 phpMyAdmin Bug #84529: Missing Scrollbar in BE
My solution:...


16:15 TYPO3 Core Bug #82476: CKEditor removes classes from p and span since TYPO3 8.7.5
Frederik Holz wrote:
> Confirm that this is still an issue on 8.7.8
> Running RTE with a yaml config, without a...


19:20 Grid Elements (former official tracker) - now moved to Gitlab! Bug #77067: Copying or moving Grid Elements to empty columns of other languages doesn't work
1) This Bug https://forge.typo3.org/issues/77959 may have the same cause.
2) To translate in the meantime:
  a) E...


18:03 t3ddy - Super cute tabs and accordions Support #77958: Multiple accordions per page
After saveing again problem disappeared.
13:39 t3ddy - Super cute tabs and accordions Bug #77960 (Rejected): After save and close of "T3ddy Element" current page loses focus
Page 0 is displayed instead of current page.
13:26 t3ddy - Super cute tabs and accordions Bug #77959 (Rejected): First t3ddy-Element on a page is not auto created and creating with the '+...
I get this error message:
- Attempt to insert record on page '[root-level]' (0) where this table, tt_content, is n...
12:35 t3ddy - Super cute tabs and accordions Support #77958 (Closed): Multiple accordions per page
It is possible to create multiple accordions on one page, but only the last one is working correctly.
Each one shoul...


19:31 Spamshield for TYPO3 Feature #73112: Compatibility with 7 LTS
Is there a timeline for this feature?

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