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14:34 TYPO3 Core Bug #40883: t3editor alerts [object Object] in Chrome while saving
I can confirm this problem still exists in FF19 on TYPO3 6.0.2
Still [object Object] And why does it work on save+exit?
10:36 TYPO3 Core Bug #46090 (Closed): Contentobject data Image/Link broken or missing
On update to 6.0.3, the contentobject data did not return any expected values ($this->cObj->data;)
The same issue ...


02:15 T3BLOG Bug #42369: T3Blog FE Plugin not appearing in
I am not supposed to use the T3Blog as FE Plugin?
After I checked the manual again and looked at the included screen ...


13:53 T3BLOG Bug #42369: T3Blog FE Plugin not appearing in
I have ofcourse read the manual to get me started.
I tried to install T3BLOG on other Servers too and got even more ...
13:16 T3BLOG Bug #42385 (Closed): Table tx_t3blog_cat could not be added
When installing T3Blog - the Table tx_t3blog_cat causes this TYPO3 Exception:
BLOB/TEXT column 'catname' used in...
13:11 T3BLOG Bug #42384 (Closed): Dependency SFP Antispam throws error
When installing the T3BLOG I get the following error for installing SFP Antispam.
It appears that "make updates" tri...
09:23 T3BLOG Bug #42369 (Rejected): T3Blog FE Plugin not appearing in
I installed T3Blog with all its dependencies.
The extension however does not appear in the plugin section when creat...


12:32 Google Maps API Extbase Bug #41065 (Closed): KML File obstructs Map Location
When adding a KML File to the plugin, the view got fully zoomed out and is completly offset (gray area)
Adding an Ad...

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