Esben Leonhard

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12:12 tt_news Bug #55629: Searching in Backend-Modules delivers no result
There is no field named _abstract_, thus:...


09:44 Front End User Registration Bug #76292 (Resolved): mm-relation: foreing uid is saved in uid_local and vice versa
I have extended fe_users with @syscat@, a field for selecting @sys_category@ items to make fe_users work with sys cat...


13:21 tt_address Bug #71195 (New): Old style name is always overridden by TCA for split-name style

Condition bracket for new namefield style is ended to soon, so @$showitemNew@ is always replacing the the old styl...


23:29 TYPO3 Core Bug #69906 (New): Translated categories can not be (re-)assigned to original record in listview
The select field, _l10n_parent_, in a translated category record contains only one (if any) record due to wrong TCA c...

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