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16:21 TYPO3 Core Bug #81099: Extension cannot override default (fallback) templateRootPaths/partialRootPaths/partialRootPaths
We just experiences a similar problem in TYPO3 version 9.5.8:
Our extension was named like „our_extension“. So we ...


09:10 Translation Team Bug #87196: Login fails with server error
Excuse me, but i don’t see this issue resolved.
First, this error message is strongly misleading under these circu...
08:39 Translation Team Bug #87196 (Resolved): Login fails with server error
When i try to log in to, it fails with the following server error:...


15:24 TYPO3 Core Bug #82491 (Closed): FluidStyledContent Header/Date.html Partial should respect config.locale_all typoscript setting for date format frontend output
The partial for rendering the header date in fluid_styled_content (Resources/Private/Partials/Header/Date.html) curre...


14:58 TYPO3 Core Feature #56213: Sorting Filelists by FAL attributes and provide sorting direction option
Since fluid_styled_content is used, the typoscript for upload list sorting by FAL title has to be:


16:51 Language File Editor Bug #68179: XLF: Problems with CDATA-blocks
Just experienced the same problem, looking forward for the fix.
PS: nice surname Jonas ;-)


09:34 TYPO3 Core Bug #66572: Workspaces and templavoia
We’re experiencing the same problem with TemplaVoila! and TYPO3 6.2.11 as well as with TYPO3 6.2.12.
The patch from ...


08:21 TYPO3 Core Bug #44571: FE pdf thumbnail generation fails
Yes, this still happens in 6.2.8 :-(


13:17 TYPO3 Core Bug #54772: Image width and height has no effect
this bug is still there in TYPO3 6.2.5 :(


09:58 TYPO3 Core Bug #47144: Editor can always edit the default language of pages
any progress?

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