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22:07 Core Feature #33914 (Needs Feedback): EXT:form - Postprocessor to save to DB
The new ext:form comes with a save to db finisher.
The finisher is able to create new entries or update existing rec...
22:00 Core Feature #63664 (Needs Feedback): EXT:form - Allow registering of custom PostProcessors
With the new ext:form version it is possible to register new finishers aka PostProcessors.
Until the docs are ready ...
21:53 Core Task #74311 (Needs Feedback): EXT:form - Optimize label_alt in edit document view
Since the new ext:form version works in a different way and don't add content into the bodytext field this issue can ...
21:43 Core Task #78843 (Rejected): Ext:form - rename render viewhelper
I think form:render is more meaningful than form:form.
If there are any objections, please open a new ticket / discu...


16:44 Core Bug #79315 (Under Review): EXT:form - reset templatePathAndFilename if needed
Each formelement template will be searched by its element name within the configured fluid "templateRootPaths".
It i...
11:00 Core Bug #79306 (Resolved): EXT:form - remove "class" tag attributes from flashMessages viewHelper tags.
Applied in changeset commit:389021faac378a3db8e675205fc6767a66733f3b.
10:50 Core Revision 389021fa: [BUGFIX] Ext:form - remove class attribute from flashMessages viewhelper
https://review.typo3.org/#/c/50285/ breaks the ext:form backend modul.
Remove "class" tag attributes from flashMessag...
10:10 Core Bug #79306 (Resolved): EXT:form - remove "class" tag attributes from flashMessages viewHelper tags.
https://review.typo3.org/#/c/50285/ breaks ext:form backend modul.
Some templates use a "class" tag attributes withi...


10:30 Core Bug #79250 (Resolved): EXT:form - deactivating allowedFileMounts lets input fields for new form d...
Applied in changeset commit:4d4fdc6d6dfe433387fc99a312c6c4b7074e9695.
10:18 Core Revision 4d4fdc6d: [FEATURE] Ext:form - extend the extension location functionality
With this patch is it possible to:
* save existing forms within extension locations
("allowedExtensionPaths") if "...

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