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17:19 Core Bug #81317 (Rejected): Links in system news
Hey there,
it's currently not possible to set links in system news.
I think in the template the news should be...


20:08 Static file cache Feature #80430: TYPO3 8 Support
Ah wow, thanks a lot!
13:01 Static file cache Feature #80430 (Closed): TYPO3 8 Support
It would be nice if nc_staticfilecache would support TYPO3 8 :-)


09:04 Core Feature #75191: Converting svg to png not possible without cropping or masking the image
Hey there,
can we think about this issue again?
It is still impossible to convert SVG graphics to PNG images.
But ...


23:30 Core Bug #79949 (Resolved): Fix wrong parameter type in \TYPO3\CMS\Backend\Http\BackendModuleRequestHa...
Applied in changeset commit:cc32fcdf08867493fcfdb95e23ea1940312e7268.
23:05 Core Revision cc32fcdf: [BUGFIX] Fix parameter type in BackendModuleRequestHandler
The function
->getPagePermsClause accepts only an integer va...


10:29 Core Bug #79954 (Under Review): DokType permissions are not checked
Hi there,
you can edit a page if you don't have permissions to edit the doktype!
How to reproduce:
- Create a ...
09:37 Core Bug #79949 (Resolved): Fix wrong parameter type in \TYPO3\CMS\Backend\Http\BackendModuleRequestHa...
The function
accepts only an integer...


17:30 Core Bug #78636 (Resolved): It is not possible to rename table name during db compare if table name is...
Applied in changeset commit:01285331858e4a56459e81aca0dc60a70e3e3076.
17:29 Core Revision 01285331: [BUGFIX] Respect SQL table names max length in install tool
Respect the max length of 64 chars in sql if removing (renaming)
an SQL table. Add unit test.
Resolves: #78636

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