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14:41 Core Bug #82547 (Under Review): Icon overlay accepts empty string as identifier
When getting an icon with the overlay parameter containing an empty string, the API considers the parameter is filled...


16:46 Core Bug #82465 (Rejected): Schema column definition handling with Doctrine fails for Oracle DB (OCI8)
When running the install tool database analyzer or running the report module that both need to fetch the column defin...


21:00 Core Task #82416 (Resolved): Change `get_class($this)` calls to `static::class`
Applied in changeset commit:d7ce554fed4bce46b2bb1a1d5c128adab81d0e1e.
20:58 Core Revision d7ce554f: [TASK] Replace `get_class($this)` calls with `static::class`
Improves runtime performance of these calls by approximately 1/3.
18:03 Core Task #82416 (Resolved): Change `get_class($this)` calls to `static::class`
Considering "this blog post": using @static::c...
15:51 Core Task #82413 (New): Change enumeration usage in core
_See epic ticket for more information._
Changing most of enumeration implementations within the TYPO3 core in a mo...
15:48 Core Feature #82412 (New): Add magic static call to enumeration class
_See epic ticket for more information._

Introducing magic static methods calls, to dramatically ease readability:...
15:44 Core Task #82411 (Under Review): Breaking: refactor enumeration class
The enumeration class from the core will be refactored to a more modern and solid implementation.
Several changes ...
13:03 Core Epic #82404 (Under Review): Improve enumeration usage
*TL;DR* - Improve the enumeration feature to have something more similar to this implementation:


22:00 Core Task #82353 (Resolved): Remove context service from install tool
Applied in changeset commit:cbaec8e0a0593de36de3b167435033b0a56add83.

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