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08:38 TYPO3 Core Bug #89141 (New): Filelist renaming a folder does not update related fields from TCA configs with...
Renaming a folder in the FAL list (Filelist) does not update related fields from TCA config with the new folder name....


09:44 TYPO3 Core Task #54316: Provide a Nginx server configuration
The latest and working NGINX vHost configuration file for T3 v8, v9 and v10 can be found in the ddrud/ddev GIT reposi...


12:01 TYPO3 Core Bug #88871 (Resolved): RequestFactory respects Guzzle Middleware/Handler configuration from TYPO3...
Guzzle has the possibility to push custom middleware handler during client initialization.
The T3 core RequestFactor...


10:41 TYPO3 Core Bug #88812 (Accepted): Info - PageTree Overview - basic settings view displays wrong value for field
The PageTree overview in the info modul displays wrong values for fields. (See attached screenshot)
Extending the ...


10:19 TYPO3 Core Task #88718: Invoke "Clear Page cache" in page and list via ajax
Gerrit Code Review wrote:
> Patch set 1 for branch *master* of project *Packages/TYPO3.CMS* has been pushed to the r...


13:57 TYPO3 Core Bug #88702: EmailFinisher - Recipients - Cannot unpack array with string keys
Sorry, ... wrong labels ..
The right label in the T3 backend is: "Email addresses and human-readable names of the...
13:54 TYPO3 Core Bug #88702 (Resolved): EmailFinisher - Recipients - Cannot unpack array with string keys
The EmailFinisher throws an exception with the message "*Cannot unpack array with string keys*" if the recipient list...


13:01 TYPO3 Core Bug #87573: TYPO3 CMS Exception 1256475113 in Extension Manager
Georg Ringer wrote:
> thanks for creating the issue!
> I can't reproduce it, can you check which template part caus...


15:33 TYPO3 Core Feature #88128 (Needs Feedback): Section menus should be ordered by sorting column
I think this issue is solved with #87975.
Can you approve that? Then we can clo...


15:07 TYPO3 Core Bug #87261 (Closed): Upgrade wizard for scheduler tasks with invalid Logger instance paths
Scheduler tasks with invalid logger instance paths for file logs need an update. The logger instance must be removed ...

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