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00:08 TYPO3 Core Bug #20052: SQL error: 'Incorrect integer value: '' for column 'storage_pid' at row 1' (pages:NEW499d21cdec168)
What should the Status of this issue be? New and Alexander Opitz (the first name) as Assignee, seems like a mistake. Patrik Nasfors


23:59 TYPO3 Core Bug #52204: SQL error: Incorrect integer value: '' for column 'backend_layout
Strict mode is a MySQL default on Windows at least since version 5.0. Patrik Nasfors
23:57 TYPO3 Core Task #54883: Document that TYPO3 CMS is not compatible with MySQL strict modes
I ran into this issue today and after half a day I found that the solution was to disable strict mode.
I will sugg...
Patrik Nasfors


13:53 TYPO3 Core Bug #17104: Install Tool does not work when using the right password
Sorry if I have misunderstood something, but isn't it like Michael Stucki says in the first note, that you are trying... Patrik Nasfors

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