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20:54 TYPO3 Core Bug #82093: Form Viewhelpers: Attribute errorClass not working
Here are the documentations for this functionality.
Form Framework:
- https://docs.typo3.org/typo3cms/extensions/...
20:52 TYPO3 Core Bug #82093: Form Viewhelpers: Attribute errorClass not working
I've added an screenshot with the rendering of the form partial "Text".
20:46 TYPO3 Core Bug #82093 (Under Review): Form Viewhelpers: Attribute errorClass not working
It seems that the attribute "errorClass" in the fluid form viewhelpers is not working. The default "error" is not sho...


11:45 TYPO3 Core Bug #75184 (Resolved): fileadmin/ (auto-created) is randomly offline
I have the following problem in one TYPO3 installation:
The auto-created fileadmin goes randomly offline without a...


22:43 Editorial Team Task #70716 (Accepted): Refactor all font-sizes according to patternlab styleguide
13:21 Editorial Team Bug #70789 (Closed): t3o_userimage needs styling
The Upload form of the extension t3o_userimage needs additional styling.
Please look at the current design on: http:...
13:20 Editorial Team Bug #70699: Migrate ajaxlogin, t3o_userimage, t3o_ajaxlogin
* Login on typo3.org frontend
* Your personal data
* Change your password
* Image
** Upload - Works
** Delete...


19:09 Editorial Team Bug #70761 (Under Review): Mobile Navi [REVIEW]
Please review this change.
To review please follow these steps:
# Checkout the branch "feature/70761-navi-mobile"
13:41 Editorial Team Bug #70761 (Closed): Mobile Navi [REVIEW]
The mobile navigation needs to be fixed.
It should push the page to the right.
It also needs extra Styling to look ...
13:27 Editorial Team Bug #70725 (Under Review): Desktop left navi [REVIEW]
To review the changes follow the following steps:
# Checkout feature/70725-sidemenu on your local environment
# Ope...

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