Christian Ehret

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07:43 TYPO3 Core Bug #82998 (Resolved): Boolean Fields in TYPO3 Constant Editor are not working with Internet Expl...
In TYPO3 8.7.8 and 7.6.23 (I tested this two versions) you cannot enable or disable boolean fields in Internet Explor...


17:07 pt_extlist Bug #81716 (New): could not determine type of argument "addQueryStringMethod" of the render-metho...
TYPO3 7.6.16
fluid 7.6.0
pt_extlist 2.4.0
Getting the following error (in combination with YAG):
could not det...


10:31 tt_news Bug #63313 (New): Archive Date of localised News is not used
I have the following Setup:
TYPO3 6.2.2
tt_news 3.6.0
multiple languages in a single tree
Everything works ...

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