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12:05 TYPO3 Core Bug #76281 (Rejected): Change 47369 killed features in flux
The Exception in change for nested elements kills the nested elements feature in ... Benedict Burckhart


15:29 TYPO3 Core Bug #62194: Login a FE User with PHP not possible any more in TYPO3 6.2.5
Here is a really dirty fix for the extensions. But it should work until the bug is resolved.... Benedict Burckhart


11:28 TYPO3 Core Feature #62101 (Closed): System Status Update tests should test frontend environment not cli environment
The System Status Update tests the cli environment. So in the mail often errors occur which are not present in the re... Benedict Burckhart


10:30 TYPO3 Core Bug #58786: Scheduler report triggers mail with warnings unknown where from
Same problem here, so I enriched the mail with more information. Benedict Burckhart

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