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13:25 TYPO3 Core Bug #83320: Page Tree has wrong height
The issue is that the resize event of the window is triggered when the console gets toggled. In the file list module,...
12:04 TYPO3 Core Bug #83568: File Conflict Handling Dialog pops up each action
Issue is a regression of #83267
11:59 TYPO3 Core Bug #83568 (In Progress): File Conflict Handling Dialog pops up each action


11:40 TYPO3 Core Task #83537 (Resolved): Update tslint to ^5.9


09:36 TYPO3 Core Bug #83525 (Resolved): Wrong directory name for deprecated unit tests in EXT:core
The unit test directory for deprecations is named "Unit_Deprecated", which is wrong. The correct name must be "UnitDe...


09:06 TYPO3 Core Task #83465 (Under Review): Show distribution image if not installed
Currently, the distribution image in the extension manager is only rendered when the distribution is installed. The i...


22:16 TYPO3 Core Task #83453 (Resolved): Update copyright year in documentation


11:18 TYPO3 Core Bug #83412 (Under Review): Uncaught DatabaseRecordException if foreign record is deleted
h2. Scenario:
A TCA column on side "A" is of type "inline" and refers to a foreign table, called "B". A record in ...


19:07 TYPO3 Core Bug #83390 (Resolved): ReflectionServiceTest fails due to ReflectionService being a singleton
On my system, running all unit tests is not possible. The following tests fail for no recognizable reason on first si...


19:34 TYPO3 Core Bug #83276 (Resolved): Invalid routes in EXT:backend/Configuration/AjaxRoutes.php

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