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08:49 Core Bug #82796 (Under Review): "Switched to users" list may contain deleted users
The "Recently 'switched to' users" list may contain unavailable users (for example deleted meanwhile). These users mu...


09:21 Core Task #82713 (Resolved): Update codemirror to 5.30


15:32 Core Bug #82710 (Resolved): CSV export of records broken
Downloading a CSV export of records in the RecordList ist not possible anymore as records cannot be found.


23:21 Core Bug #82623 (Resolved): t3editor: code completion by includes not functional
With t3editor it's not possible to get code completion of TS that is included via @ include_static_file@.


15:12 Core Bug #82613 (Resolved): Improve localStorage handling of Storage module


10:38 Core Bug #82550 (Resolved): ClosureFinisher broken
Using the ClosureFinisher in EXT:form is impossible as the AbstractFinisher does not catch closures and treats them a...


14:19 Core Bug #82520 (Resolved): MenuProcessor doesn't accept sub keys of addQueryString
The MenuProcessor should accept sub keys of the TS setting @addQueryString@.


16:23 Core Bug #82512 (Resolved): FormEngine: Check for fileFolder_extList is broken
Due to an uninitialized variable, @fileFolder_extList@ is never evaluated correctly, which causes that the recursion ...


12:53 Core Bug #82440 (Resolved): File list: You don't have access to this page
Opening a folder in the Filelist backend module throws an exception "You don't have access to this page".
11:44 Core Bug #82436 (Resolved): Fix file upload and directory creation in file browser
Using "Upload files" or "Create new folder" in the file selector is broken currently. This is a regression of #81763....

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