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14:40 Core Bug #82103 (Resolved): Linkvalidator task throws an error if configured page uid is invalid
If the given page uid in the Linkvalidator task becomes invalid, the task dies because of wrong data types. This may ...


12:06 Core Bug #82061 (Resolved): SaveToDatabaseFinisher does not work with array values
Using the SaveToDatabaseFinisher in combination with @MultiCheckbox@ is currently impossible, as the resulting array ...


16:53 Core Bug #82050 (Resolved): AddController: prepend/append are mixed
In AddController, the @setValue@ options @append@ and @prepend@ are mixed.
16:52 Core Bug #82049 (Resolved): AddController: Adding records broken
It is currently impossible to add records via AddController in Flexforms. The records are saved, but can't get added ...


15:00 Core Feature #69824 (Closed): Introduce PdoFileBackend


07:37 Core Bug #81984 (Resolved): Loading spinner of System Information does not disappear on failure
When loading of the system information toolbar item fails for whatever reason (e.g. session timed out), the loading s...


20:44 Core Task #28853 (Closed): Upgrade CodeMirror to 3.0
Closed in favor of #81901.


21:37 Core Feature #81901 (Resolved): Refactor t3editor
EXT.t3editor's codebase is a bit aged. The main issue that CodeMirror is stale and the JavaScript implementation for ...


18:41 Core Task #81885 (New): Remove TypoScript syntax highlighting and code completion
As we do not recommend to use TypoScript neither in the database nor in any location outside of extensions, TypoScrip...
18:20 Core Bug #81884 (Resolved): Downloading online media files in filelist not possible anymore
After #81763, downloading online media files in the filelist is not possible anymore.

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