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12:57 Core Bug #81222 (Resolved): AudioTagRenderer does not support controlsList


11:05 Core Bug #81222 (Resolved): AudioTagRenderer does not support controlsList
The AudioTagRenderer should support the attribute @controlsList@ out-of-the-box. It is used in Chrome to enable/disab...


08:24 Core Task #81171 (Resolved): Remove edit ability of constants and setup of EXT:tstemplate
To aim the goal in streamlining EXT:t3editor, every form using it has to be migrated to FormEngine. As first step the...


10:54 Core Bug #81137 (Under Review): ImageViewHelper renders image tag for non-image files
Using a file object that can't be rendered as a preview image (e.g. Word documents) should not result in a (broken) <...


21:12 Core Bug #68444 (Rejected): t3editor: close autocomplete on backspace
12:17 Core Task #81094 (Resolved): Streamline UI of PageTS config > View TSconfig fields content
Currently, when viewing PageTS config > View TSconfig fields content, a table is rendered. This can be improved by us...
11:39 Core Bug #81093 (Resolved): config.contentObjectExceptionHandler is missing in tsref.xml
Using t3editor, config.contentObjectExceptionHandler is not suggested.


19:57 Core Task #81053 (Under Review): Minor improvements to FormEngineValidation
19:38 Core Bug #81052 (Resolved): Non-existent field "fe_groups" is used in BackendUtility::ADMCMD_previewCm...
19:06 Core Task #81051 (Resolved): Remove RTE display hotfix
The display hotfix for the old RTE was required to bypass some initialization issues. This hotfix is not required any...

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