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12:04 TYPO3 Core Bug #84335 (Resolved): LiveSearch: Cannot read property 'options' on undefined
Switching to a user without any privilege leads to the JavaScript error `Cannot read property 'options' on undefined`...
08:20 TYPO3 Core Bug #84323 (Resolved): TYPO3.ModuleMenu.App.reloadFrames is not a function
h2. Requirements
EXT:workspaces must be installed and have configured workspaces.
h2. Reproduce
Switch into ...


15:29 TYPO3 Core Bug #84294 (In Progress): Pagetree reload every time after delete, pasteInto, disable and enable


14:15 TYPO3 Core Bug #84260 (Rejected): Manual sorting in List modul misses "down" arrows
It seems you have Gridelements installed and the option "Enable nesting in list module" is enabled. I can reproduce t...
09:47 TYPO3 Core Task #84255 (Rejected): sysext/core/Documentation is not protected by .htaccess
09:23 TYPO3 Core Bug #84253 (In Progress): BE Login with 8.7.11 and Firefox Quantum Browser Version 59.0 not possi...
09:23 TYPO3 Core Bug #84254 (Closed): BE Login fails after update to 8.7.11 with Firefox
Closed as dupe of #84253
09:22 TYPO3 Core Bug #84257 (Closed): BE Login fails after update to 7.6.25 with Firefox
Closed as dupe of #84253
08:10 TYPO3 Core Bug #84251 (In Progress): Search icon doesn't trigger searchbar anymore


20:46 TYPO3 Core Task #84226 (Resolved): Upgrade documentation: Render tags in ReST file

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