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15:30 Base Package (aka typo3_src) Task #65373 (Resolved): Ignore bin/ and composer.lock
Applied in changeset commit:9eb297a711ef33b094679f31c3f4f547bc2ca481.
15:26 Base Package (aka typo3_src) Revision 9eb297a7: [TASK] Ignore bin folder
Put it into .gitignore to get a clean git state after
creating a project via composer.
Resolves: #65373
Releases: ma...


14:44 Core Task #72191 (Resolved): Add a space after colon in Exception message
Applied in changeset commit:40922fddf944cc2b38fd2a967abd298c6611f8e9.
14:32 Core Revision 40922fdd: [TASK] Add a space after colon
According traditional and modern English-language writing there has to
be a space after colon.
Resolves: #72191


23:54 Core Task #72191 (Resolved): Add a space after colon in Exception message
According to modern English-language writing rules there has to be a space after colon.
In \TYPO3\CMS\Extbase\Obje...


15:32 PHPUnit Task #11677 (Resolved): Switch to jQuery
Applied in changeset commit:2d1518dfc0929a42238c630e1d5c342ef3024904.
15:16 PHPUnit Revision 2d1518df: [TASK] Switch to jQuery
Resolves: #11677
Change-Id: I111fbe334522a65de1ca8f2f00c7ac52bba4bec1
Reviewed-on: https://review.typo3.org/45021


18:08 PHPUnit Task #53615 (Needs Feedback): Make the checkboxes work even after a PHP crash
Tests with Extbase where a test fatals are showing that the checkboxes still work.
17:32 PHPUnit Task #5904 (Resolved): Speed up the JavaScript that hides/shows the test details after running th...
Applied in changeset commit:1425738940a1f3fd2bf37bb3162c51e3d0c997a8.
17:02 PHPUnit Revision 14257389: [TASK] Speedup hiding/showing of test result items
Instead of iterating all item DOM nodes this just sets a class
to the container which indicates testcases to be hidde...

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