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08:40 Core Bug #82188 (New): Install Tool, Presets, Image Handling: Find executables in this directory does ...
In Settings > Presets > Image Handling Settings there is an input field and button to find gm/im in custom paths. The...


14:46 Core Bug #82160 (Resolved): Uncaught Exception in Environment Module
12:10 Core Bug #82155 (Resolved): ArrayUtility renumbering also renumbers string keys
In various places throughout the core we are using timestamps followed by a dot as unique identifiers for array keys ...
08:23 Core Bug #82153 (Resolved): Extension Scanner does not work on Windows
... because the directory separators get mixed up (first part of the path using / last part using \) - while windows ...


09:33 Core Bug #81095 (Accepted): Indexed Search Label "displayResults" not translatable by TypoScript
@Riccardo: It doesn't work if you have included the default TypoScript of indexed_search, OR:...


12:27 Core Bug #82085 (Resolved): Allow translating content on MSSQL
Because of some missing group by fields the language module (sub of page module) does not load and the translate butt...
11:25 Core Bug #82084 (Resolved): List module broken on mssql
The list module tries to sort a query that's just doing a COUNT(*) - which fails on MSSQL.
09:37 Core Bug #82081 (New): MSSQL // Install Tool fails on database selection because of default charset check
With MSSQL / SQLSRV as driver the install tool does not allow selection of a database as the charset returned is '' (...


08:39 Core Revision 5f4b88e7: Revert "[BUGFIX] Escape value in FormEngine.removeOption selector"
This reverts commit be38f08900bf927c1a3196d3a5e5c876db57828f.
escapeSelector is not available in jQuery 2.x


21:44 Core Bug #79984 (In Progress): Wrong language keys in Extbase-Template

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