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15:36 TYPO3 Core Bug #82750: Workspace preview doesn't preview MM relations properly
I experience the same bug in TYPO3 8.7. It seems to be fixed since TYPO3 9.5 but another bug occurs afterwards (#8120...


12:24 TYPO3 Core Bug #84624 (Closed): Importing Youtube Videos with control characters in the title might break frontend output
When a Youtube Video is imported by URL for example with the text/media element the video might throw an exception wh...


10:30 TYPO3 Core Bug #84535: Problems with DatabaseTreeDataProvider and parentField having a MM configuration
The problem with the MM table being queried on the root level applies for child relations (childrenField), too. The M...


17:29 TYPO3 Core Bug #84535 (New): Problems with DatabaseTreeDataProvider and parentField having a MM configuration
In the method \TYPO3\CMS\Core\Tree\TableConfiguration\DatabaseTreeDataProvider::getChildrenUidsFromParentRelation() a...


15:56 TYPO3 Core Bug #83760 (Closed): default hashing method of saltedpasswords outdated
in ext_conf_template.txt of saltedpasswords the default hashing methods for BE/FE are configured with "tx_saltedpassw...


11:51 TYPO3 Core Bug #83688 (Closed): Header of debug in FE is missing
When using \TYPO3\CMS\Core\Utility\DebugUtility::debug() in the FE, the title of the debug missing. This is because i...


12:10 Static Info Tables Bug #82132: Composer install fails with additional languages required at the same time
I would be glad to see a fix as I ran into the same problem.


10:21 TYPO3 Core Bug #17619: INSERT-Error on table "index_words" on ORACLE and PostgreSQL
I can confirm that this error occurs occasionally in TYPO3 7.6.20.


16:04 TYPO3 Core Bug #81520: form validation in backend not working onload
1) Firefox 54.0, Chrome 59.0.3071.109
2) Debian 8.7 inside docker container / native Ubuntu 16.04
3) Does not matte...


15:32 TYPO3 Core Revision b2c99152: [BUGFIX] Index all file mounts in FAL indexer scheduler task
This patch makes sure all file mounts are indexed instead of only the
first if the CLI user has multiple file mounts....

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