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14:05 Core Bug #75813 (Under Review): DBAL fatals for table2handlerKeys
This dbal config is in AdditionalConfiguration:...


21:04 Core Task #75703 (New): Detect object usage of deprecated code including use statements.
Currently only static access is provided as a token sequence. The object access is missing.
20:50 Core Bug #75700 (New): Deal with several rst files / finder classes for one issue number
currently the last handled finder takes the position in the output, results provided from earlier finders are overrid...
20:29 Core Feature #75696 (New): Provide dismissal for single entries
Hits, that are not to be fixed for the instance, can be hidden from display. A way to get them back needs to be in pl...
20:27 Core Feature #75695 (New): Provide Tokenizer and Finder Class for JavaScript
JavaScript files must be scanned and matched.
20:26 Core Feature #75694 (New): Provide a TypoScript Tokenizer and Finder Implementation
TypoScript, UserTS and PageTS must be tokenized and scanned as well.
20:26 Core Feature #75693 (New): Provide a HTML Tokenizer and Finder Class Implementation
HTML and Fluid Code must be scanned and matched against a tokenizer.
20:25 Core Feature #75692 (New): Provide Fixer Classes
For code just being replaced, code fixing (find and replace) can resolve the issue.
Provide an example implementat...
20:21 Core Feature #75691: Upgrade Analysis - Provide listing of documentation files
The patch comes with a test extension, that is used for the functional tests as well. Please copy the folder sysext/i...
20:19 Core Feature #75691 (Under Review): Upgrade Analysis - Provide listing of documentation files
Implementation of listing of available documentation files, first shots on Finder classes and display results. Filter...

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