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18:26 Core Task #78437 (Resolved): Refactor use of queryBuilder to use prepared statements
Applied in changeset commit:3b6364518d78e6ac4f25aeb5497755054782367b.
18:16 Core Revision 3b636451: [FOLLOWUP][TASK] Refactor queryBuilder usage
Double usage of ->createNamedParameter() on searchWord results
in always empty result list for EM TER search action.
16:58 Core Task #78449 (Resolved): Improve problem report of
Applied in changeset commit:7fe55fc4188c4080241f47c0842d94091633b76b.
16:54 Core Revision 7fe55fc4: [TASK] Improve problem reporting of
Script gives now detailed advice of how to solve any
detected problem.
Resolves: #78449
Releases: master
Change-Id: ...
16:12 Core Task #78449 (Resolved): Improve problem report of
The script reports there is any problem, but gives only very sparse hints of the actual reason for failure.


16:51 Core Task #78387 (Resolved): use setLocale functionality from phpunit instead the native language command
Applied in changeset commit:8f997b6de9e227885859740895cfe261705801dd.
16:32 Core Revision 8f997b6d: [TASK] Replace setLocale() in tests with phpunit backup functionality
There is a phpunit shipped functionality to reliably fiddle with locale
settings and have the valid settings back aft...
00:30 Core Task #78408 (Resolved): Skip one failing unit test in TYPO3 6.2
Applied in changeset commit:4f5926a845323537602b70641350a6c38f97fe98.
00:09 Core Revision 4f5926a8: [TASK] Remove failing test in IntegerValidatorTest
This test fails due to an invalid locale. It has been
removed in all other branches, too.
Change-Id: I293d508fd7786b...


20:45 Core Task #78408 (Resolved): Skip one failing unit test in TYPO3 6.2
In order to have tests on TYPO3 6.2 automatically run by Bamboo, we need to skip one test that fails due to invalid l...

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