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09:06 Server Team Feature #80816 (New): dedicated name part fields for LDAP
For usage of user name data provided by LDAP, I hereby request the split into dedicated fields as title (Dr., Prof, ....


16:53 Core Feature #80793 (New): provide configurable password policies
Admins should be able to define a password policy to follow by all users of the system.
16:51 Core Feature #80792 (New): Password strength meter for BE Login
Provide a strength meter for password fields to give the user a hint about the password he chooses.
16:49 Core Feature #80791 (New): Hide Password while typing
during entry of password data into password field, the input is visible in clear text.
16:48 Core Task #80790 (Rejected): do not expose the password hash in install tool
keep the password hidden, also the hash that's exposed after using a wrong Login.


10:27 Core Bug #80632: still issues with missing input in BE
This happens on latest master, commit is
9d5dfbb (HEAD -> master, origin/master, origin/HEAD, composer/master) [TAS...
10:26 Core Bug #80632 (Closed): still issues with missing input in BE
filling in all kind of FormEngine provided forms in BE ends up with empty fields after saving.
experienced with:
10:24 Core Bug #80631 (New): strange info (?) icon in BE
see screenshot, there is an icon that probably does not look as intended.
10:03 Core Bug #80630 (Needs Feedback): Preconfigured page contains no fsc
After setting up a new instance, during the last step of installation one gets asked whether the list of distribution...


19:31 Core Task #80612 (Rejected): Loosen version requirement for testing framework
not wanted

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