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12:10 Core Bug #78897: file references consider wrong language uid for metadata
some tries with creation order turned out, that always the latest created sys_file_metadata record is used.
12:05 Core Bug #78897 (New): file references consider wrong language uid for metadata
This all goes in BE (FormEngine):
- Image in filadmin, sys_file_metadata record in default language, ti...


13:49 Core Bug #78879: Inline usage of f:uri.image doesn't crop image
please try @{f:uri:image(image:image)}@. That should take all settings from the reference into account.


10:00 Core Bug #78636 (Resolved): It is not possible to rename table name during db compare if table name is...
Applied in changeset commit:e498f65f415725da541510371f9d4b5eb0d88b2e.
09:50 Core Revision e498f65f: [FOLLOWUP][BUGFIX] Respect SQL table names max length in install tool
Respect the max length of 64 chars in sql if removing (renaming)
an SQL table. Add unit test.
Resolves: #78636
09:49 Core Task #78869 (Resolved): Remove compatiblity code added for security release
Remove the overhead that was added to avoid BC breaks for
extension code that subclassed the form view helper.


15:25 Core Bug #62545 (Closed): Record type constraints of subclasses prevent loading of parent class objects
issue closed, as it doesn't exist anymore.
12:49 Core Bug #77097 (Resolved): [__referrer][@request] is set only for the first form, when forms are gene...
Applied in changeset commit:b4aceeaa4657f034be186f70bd71f9717c1f6d68.
12:41 Core Revision b4aceeaa: [FOLLOWUP][BUGFIX] Reset FormViewHelper on execution
Incomplete backport caused unit tests to fail.
Change-Id: Ib447b2327c5c54956d86149c08c503d9a463c2b4
Resolves: #77097...


17:21 Core Task #78855 (Resolved): Remove unused language labels from EXT:sys_action
Some unused labels have been removed from the language files of ext:sys_action.

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