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16:22 Core Feature #59355 (Rejected): make trustedHostsPattern use sys_domain records
patch got no liking and was abandoned for no activity. Please use the extension
13:24 news extension Support #69326: Create group languages
sorry, pushed my patch to the wrong ticket. Please reset the ticket status.
13:02 Core Task #69329 (Under Review): Replace static Utility with object
The newly introduced MarkerUtility (see #69262) is a static utility, which can easily replaced with an object. The na...
12:30 Core Task #69325 (Resolved): phpunit update to 4.8
Applied in changeset commit:c3c398d4be47b9cf231d8ce0b91043839c4eca29.
12:18 Core Revision c3c398d4: [TASK] Update to phpunit 4.8
Change-Id: I73b083192ec92bc709796cdafd84884747298c70
Releases: master
Resolves: #69325
Reviewed-on: http://review.typ...
11:34 Core Task #69325 (Resolved): phpunit update to 4.8
the new phpunit version was released almost a month before, time to update.


20:01 Core Bug #65359 (Rejected): "includeJSFooterlibs" should be in lowerCamelCase, too
rejected due to little gain contra lots of hassle for integrators. Once we have static code analysis in place (which ...
17:37 Core Bug #69212: Truncate table in extension "extensionmanager"
Hi Boris,
could you please explain what you want to achive with the requested code change? Thanks.


13:56 Core Bug #69186 (Rejected): Sheduler wont work if t3chimp is installed
no issue on clean installation, must be due to t3chimp like you guessed already. So there is nothing the TYPO3 CMS co...


12:09 Core Revision 67535f37: [BUGFIX] Extbase: Optional arguments must not throw an Exception
public function barAction(\Vendor\Ext\Domain\Model\Foo $foo = NULL)
If the property mapper receives NULL, 0...

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