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01:00 Core Bug #63380 (Resolved): FLUIDTEMPLATE: New fallback paths miss stdWrap
Applied in changeset commit:fcf6f28dfc6470f3b1bd7316342910dcd9494762.
00:53 Core Revision fcf6f28d: [BUGFIX] Add stdWrap support for Partial- and layoutRootPaths
The single occurrences layoutRootPath and partialRootPath have
stdWrap support, but not the collection entries of


13:30 Core Task #69844 (Resolved): Use ModuleTemplate API for ext:lang
Applied in changeset commit:c8fc4c3550968c4a3315cb5bf343dd92fe1abc53.
13:19 Core Revision c8fc4c35: [TASK] Use ModuleTemplate in ext:lang
Ext:lang uses ModuleTemplate API and BackendTemplateView for
its Backend Module.
Change-Id: I1497d9bdd326114cff70fd7...


13:30 Core Bug #70597 (Resolved): foreign_record_defaults for inline records get ignored
Applied in changeset commit:3cecb0babe1e9ff270566e80ec166fe1a7e08b58.
13:09 Core Revision 3cecb0ba: [BUGFIX] Respect foreign_record_defaults for inline children
Inline child records can receive default values from their parent.
This option is now respected again.
Change-Id: Ia...


20:00 Core Bug #70626 (Resolved): Flexforms are missing after #70504
Applied in changeset commit:9516c56cb73ab4c567959b2b5396cd003a2f8d68.
19:43 Core Revision 9516c56c: [BUGFIX] Flexforms were not considered for FormEngine data preparation
With #70504 a selective collection of fields to be processed has been
introduced in FormEngines data providing mechan...
16:20 Core Bug #70626 (Resolved): Flexforms are missing after #70504
No flexforms are displayed anymore.


21:33 Core Bug #70597: foreign_record_defaults for inline records get ignored
ext:styleguide master contains a field in the top record to test the behaviour. Inline_5 has the CType set on text by...

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