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13:00 TYPO3 Core Task #85981 (Resolved): Deprecate @flushesCaches annotation
Applied in changeset commit:685f7b50fefb3d0cefbb1a429d7bea3a0bf1f94e.
12:38 TYPO3 Core Revision 685f7b50: [TASK] Deprecate extbase annotation @flushesCaches
The annotation has been introduced during backport from FLOW, but
was never implemented to do anything useful. It wil...
12:13 TYPO3 Core Task #86317 (Closed): [BUGFIX] Make meta data editable for non-writable storages
this is created by the github hook, but the PR just duplicates the available review that resolves
Resolves: #6563...
10:00 TYPO3 Core Bug #86153 (Resolved): FileList fails with SiteNotFoundException
Applied in changeset commit:1da2c402e7db9b83a23fa54310ba4f1cedd8f3c5.
09:33 TYPO3 Core Revision 1da2c402: [BUGFIX] SiteResolver middleware must not care for non int id parameters
The FileList module uses the 'id' parameter to pass the directory around,
which makes the parameter a string in this ...
09:02 TYPO3 Core Bug #86195 (Accepted): Localization of page fails because of SiteNotFoundException


13:53 TYPO3 Core Bug #86153 (In Progress): FileList fails with SiteNotFoundException
12:24 TYPO3 Core Bug #86269: Missing page ID in Pagetree overview
no ID for translated pages? (see screenshot)
09:00 TYPO3 Core Task #85981 (In Progress): Deprecate @flushesCaches annotation


20:21 TYPO3 Core Task #86236 (In Progress): Debug Exception output design improvements - pretty please

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