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09:18 Core Feature #77990 (Accepted): Visible Access Check for BE-Users and their given DB-Mounts
A new BE-User is created and receives a BE-Usergroup. This usergroup might contain DB-Mounts. Additiona...


20:16 Core Bug #77985 (Rejected): categories are shown in the BE select-boxes although they are hidden
Hi Kurt,
thanks for your report.
The behaviour you describe is correct. The disable field restriction applies on...


13:00 Core Task #75028 (Resolved): Fluidification of TypoScriptTemplateModuleController
Applied in changeset commit:213906cdb72f518011bbe6720d7d314133e6ec01.
12:44 Core Revision 213906cd: [FOLLOWUP][TASK] Fluidification of TypoScriptTemplateModuleController
Wrong Template was used to display empty Template view.
Resolves: #75028
Releases: master
Change-Id: Ib551c0c0b2004c...


13:58 Core Task #77046 (Resolved): BytesViewHelper: Move method arguments to initializeArguments() in ext:fluid
Applied in changeset commit:53b304bd1176bfb8c70f0b17c215050bebcdee40.
13:57 Core Revision 53b304bd: [FOLLOWUP][TASK] Remove render arguments in BytesVH
We missed the default value for the decimals argument.
It is added now.
Resolves: #77046
Releases: master


17:00 Core Task #77334 (Resolved): Solve cross dependecy for unit test
Applied in changeset commit:433c242e14f2ece98fd206a211490c48a350359d.
16:55 Core Feature #77336 (Resolved): Allow passing an own unit collection to ByteViewHelper
Applied in changeset commit:79aed12850cdae947c2338163789d23a2636c4a4.
16:55 Core Revision 433c242e: [TASK] Add integrity test for LocalizationUtility
A cross dependency in unit tests has been discovered. To make sure
there are no more of this, an integrity test has b...
16:40 Core Revision 79aed128: [FEATURE] Allow unit string as viewhelper argument
The ByteViewHelper accepts a parameter 'units' in order to provide
a custom collection of units.
Resolves: #77336

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