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13:52 Core Bug #79763 (Rejected): upgrade wizard won't finish upgrade when not installing compatibility6
The progress bar is thing that *must* reach 100%. It only gives you an indication how much work is left. It does not ...


11:21 Core Bug #79707: Make Upgrade Analysis work in symlink environments
this is already solved by #79690


23:00 Core Feature #79420 (Resolved): Hide files from view for users
Applied in changeset commit:35ee9682fb0e9ffb6a91d455f0001bd5640d9664.
22:53 Core Revision 35ee9682: [FEATURE] Storable Filters for Upgrade Analysis
User can mark each file as 'hide from my view'. This
selection is stored in registry and applies for every user alike...


12:18 Core Bug #79585 (Rejected): Extbase can't build datamap for custom node type
First things first: this is a usage failure.
1. never define a TCA field for a field that is not available in DB, ...
10:55 Core Bug #79585: Extbase can't build datamap for custom node type
to reproduce, you can use ext:blog, that will take care of the pages based model.
For the node type, try the followi...


18:52 Core Bug #79585 (Rejected): Extbase can't build datamap for custom node type
I have the following scenario:
- there is an extbase extension that uses the pages table as a model source. The mod...


11:10 Core Bug #79542: Fluid command <f: switch> very slow
just for the records: slow is NOT broken. Please adjust the issue title accordingly. Thank you.


01:30 Core Task #79469 (Resolved): Apply cs-fixer suggestions
Applied in changeset commit:5ce457f06da2e5b3de1a3f3ac95e2ddfd37abf38.
01:30 Core Task #79361 (Resolved): Upgrade php-cs-fixer and it's configuration to v2
Applied in changeset commit:8699a00e8785069666a60259fd431aefaa3c82df.

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