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11:54 TYPO3 Core Bug #75457 (Closed): indexed_search not compatible with PHP7
After updating to PHP7 the following error occured after using search:
PHP Warning: Declaration of TYPO3\CMS\Inde...


13:02 dreipunktnull glossary Bug #73120 (Closed): Setting custom template not working
I tried changing the path of the files to the fileadmin folder, but it didn't listen for some reason. Tried se...


11:03 Dynamic Content Elements (DCE) Bug #71339 (Closed): Extra space is generated in "Abschnitt" resulting in failed output in the fr...
When adding a new item as "Abschnitt" and selecting the snippet in the "Vorlage" tab the code gets rendered as follow...


17:12 Dynamic Content Elements (DCE) Support #71105 (Closed): Error when using FAL in custom Partial html
* Using DCE 1.1.1 from the Typo3 Repo.
* Created a Partial and calling DCE content from the partial html file.
* Fo...

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