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16:09 Core Bug #65446: Translation of IRRE not working
Sorry for not coming back to this one. It turns out this wasn't the problem my client faced, it merely had the same s...


17:37 Core Bug #81340 (Under Review): TemplatePaths::fillDefaultsByPackageName does not sort paths correctly
The unfortunate series of events which lead to a problem:
* TemplatePaths->fillDefaultsByPackageName($extKey) gets...


20:59 Core Task #81307 (Under Review): CMS Fluid f:switch (deprecated) should be removed.
20:49 Core Task #81306 (Closed): Subtree split: sys_note
19:24 Core Task #81305 (Closed): Subtree split: sys_note
Incorrectly created not as sub-task of #81304. Replaced by #81306
19:23 Core Task #81306 (Closed): Subtree split: sys_note
19:18 Core Task #81305 (Closed): Subtree split: sys_note
The sys_note extension can be split from the main repository.
19:17 Core Story #81304 (Rejected): Subtree split of optional system extensions
This is a parent story to track the following sub-tasks:
Splitting system extensions currently shipped in typo3/cm...
17:15 Core Task #81301 (Under Review): Extension manager contains a duplicate of f:format.json
The ViewHelper can be removed and the template migrated to call the f:format.json ViewHelper instead.


21:56 Core Task #81213 (Under Review): Deprecate ViewHelper render() argument support
To bring the CMS Fluid integrations closer to vanilla Fluid implementations we need to deprecate support for render m...

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