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19:35 Core Bug #77535: 8.2.1 install blank page windows
Sorry to just barge in here, but this looks very much like a class loading issue, specifically that TYPO3 is unable t...
15:12 Core Task #79972 (Under Review): Since Fluid 2.3.x, TYPO3 can drop some Fluid implementations
* XmlnsNamespaceTemplatePreProcessor
* LegacyNamespaceExpressionNode
* TemplatePaths -> sanitizePath


22:18 Core Task #79847 (Resolved): Fluid engine dependency can be upgraded to 2.3.0
Solves the following issues:
* Namespace declarations included in output when rendering templates without sections...


08:21 Core Bug #79694: PHP warning on using inline Fluid syntax with object
This 5-minute video explains why and how to avoid it:
TL;DR: `'{variable}'` is the sa...


14:19 Core Bug #79662 (Resolved): Fluid caches default view paths
The issue can be reproduced as follows:
1) configure (and optionally register) a normal Extbase plugin to call a c...


14:49 Core Bug #79616 (Closed): Fluid template path order reversed
Cause located externally - third party code was clearing array keys, causing incorrect sorting.
14:32 Core Bug #79616 (Closed): Fluid template path order reversed
This bug was hidden behind which caused two sets of paths (the most common setup ...


12:10 Core Bug #79579 (Under Review): TYPO3 cannot be operated with custom "path" type repository with symli...
The described method of installation leaves the TYPO3 site inoperable due to entry points not being able to find the ...


12:30 Core Bug #79547 (Resolved): Several seconds can be spent generating BE user avatars in Fluid ViewHelper
Implementing a cache to store generated avatars helps this situation.
12:04 Core Bug #79546 (Under Review): f:switch should be avoided (causes uncompilable templates)
Due to the TYPO3-provided f:switch being an override which disables compilation of the template (override is there fo...

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