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14:04 Core Task #82763 (Under Review): Move Fluid template pre-processor and expression node types registrat...
Currently these implementations are hardcoded into the TYPO3 CMS rendering context, which means the only ways to chan...


16:33 Core Bug #82735: Problem with Feature: #73409 - Auto-render Assets sections
I have a suspicion I'd like to confirm, but before I go digging too deep:
1. Could you please either paste or link...


15:26 Core Bug #82451 (Resolved): Config extbase view not availible in other plugin
Fixed by


17:11 Core Bug #82196 (Under Review): Can no longer configure diverging templateRootPaths for the view of ea...
17:10 Core Bug #79662 (Accepted): Fluid caches default view paths
17:10 Core Bug #82181 (Accepted): Cannot override plugin view.templateRootPaths because of cache


17:00 Core Task #82454 (Under Review): Make TranslateViewHelper compilable
The ViewHelper can be made compilable and since it is one of the most frequently used ViewHelpers this would be a nic...
16:36 Core Task #82453 (Under Review): Extbase LocalizationUtility error feedback and logic can be improved
Two things should be done:
1. Early return should be done if $key is empty (won't matter if $extensionName or othe...
16:24 Core Bug #82452 (Resolved): TYPO3 does not require Soap but checks for it in environment checks
It is no longer necessary to check for Soap since it was used for extension upload - a feature that is no longer with...


17:11 Core Task #82414 (Under Review): Remove CMS abstract ViewHelper classes
By sacrificing just two features:
* Having $this->controllerContext set in ViewHelpers automatically
* Supporting...

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