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12:57 TYPO3 Core Bug #103527 (Closed): Localisation for alt-tag for images in the page social media area not working
Referencing an image in the page social media area for open graph or twitter cards will not transport the translated ... Thomas Hezel


15:04 TYPO3 Core Bug #103399 (Closed): TYPO3 12.4.12 - PHP 8.3.3 – 404 Redirects in site handling not possible for external URL
While trying to redirect 404s in the site module to an external page I get:
(1/1) #1544172839 RuntimeException
Thomas Hezel


17:25 TYPO3 Core Bug #102545 (Closed): Logical bug -> Extension Configuration-> Logo allows differnet sources this fails then sending sys-mails (e.g. by sys-ext form)
In Settings -> Extension Configurations -> Logo
you have the following sources allowed:
(e.g. fileadmin/images/lo...
Thomas Hezel


14:18 TYPO3 Core Bug #87582 (Closed): not replacing svg-image in fal
If you upload a changed svg image under the same name (ftp) fal will still show the old svg.
Empty cache and process...
Thomas Hezel


22:17 TYPO3 Core Feature #86761: "CTRL-F" to search in the backend window and in open files
Did more testing:
If you see the target in the window then the browser search works.
If the target is not visib...
Thomas Hezel


21:14 TYPO3 Core Feature #86761 (Closed): "CTRL-F" to search in the backend window and in open files
If you work on a CSS-file most of the time you want to change a certain class.
In LTS 8.7 having a fileadmin file op...
Thomas Hezel
20:52 TYPO3 Core Feature #86760 (Closed): Editing fileadmin files, after saving allways shows first line of the file
If you edit for example an css-file in the BE and you save it. After saving the cursor goes to the first line of the ... Thomas Hezel


11:35 TYPO3 Core Task #86699 (Closed): Editing fileadmin files in BE: window is very small in height
If you want to edit css, ts or template files in the fileadmin through the TYPO3 backend the window that shows the co... Thomas Hezel


16:44 TYPO3 Core Bug #80422 (Closed): TYPO3 8.6.1 mixing FLUID and JS - CDATA doesn't work as before
This worked until 7.6 but in 8.6.1 CDATA seems to have a different behavior inside a Fluidtemplate.
Inside the CDATA...
Thomas Hezel

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