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12:56 TYPO3 Core Task #62779: Docker - Official Repositories
Have a Look at this boilerplate docker Container for typo3:


11:07 TYPO3 Core Feature #47209 (Closed): status report for basic security routines
Provide a status report, which checks on some basic security issues.
It shows a warning message, if
- file lis...


19:09 TYPO3 Core Feature #36414 (Rejected): Manipulation of extension loading order.
As an admin user, I want to change the loading order of installed extensions.
Drag & drop would be awesome.


13:07 TYPO3 ToGo Bug #13410 (Resolved): Direct Shutdown after start
13:07 TYPO3 ToGo Bug #13410: Direct Shutdown after start
Hi Steffen,
regarding the server-stops. After the last browser window is closed, the services are shutdown automat...


09:17 TYPO3 ToGo Bug #13410 (Needs Feedback): Direct Shutdown after start
Some questions to check:
- does the Browser start automatically with the Server2Go?
- can you connect to
09:15 TYPO3 ToGo Bug #13409 (Rejected): Typo in readme.txt
The readme.txt and the documentation is part of the Server2Go package, which is downloaded at runtime of the generati...


15:27 TYPO3 ToGo Major Feature #13253 (Accepted): Mac OS X Version
Server2Go for Mac OS X in Beta
15:26 TYPO3 ToGo Major Feature #13252 (New): Linux Version
11:10 TYPO3 ToGo First Release of TYPO3 ToGo
h2. Use the TYPO3 ToGo Demonstrator
* download the zip file
> * direct download
> ...

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