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23:35 TYPO3 Core Bug #88777: Missing translation of "Save and close" button in save dialog
Translation review is still pending: https://translation.typo3.org/de/TYPO3.core.backend/translate/locallang.14158148...


10:29 TYPO3 Core Bug #67556: System news cannot render RTE content
Came across this issue when having similar problems with the restler extension. What helped in my case (beside "simul...


15:01 Direct Mail Bug #55890 (Resolved): query ignored when copying group
Applied in changeset commit:ad3bb374c5ec15fa4f32e9b040dc6245b2c56c83.
14:37 Direct Mail Revision ad3bb374: [BUGFIX] Include query when copying groups
Adds TCA for query field of groups so it is considered when copying.
Change-Id: I5a973c3b6534823cd4f22be3aa330139d53...


16:38 Direct Mail Feature #56615 (Under Review): Add option to pause delivery
As a user I want to be able to pause deliveries currently in progress. This allows me to send high prio newsetters wh...


18:32 Direct Mail Bug #55890 (Resolved): query ignored when copying group
Due to missing TCA query setup is empty when copying a dmail group via list module.


14:28 Direct Mail Bug #54803 (Rejected): [BUGFIX] sql_free_result not working with bool
remove sql_free_result calls after INSERT/UPDATE queries
sql_free_result throws fatal error if boolean is used as ...


16:06 TYPO3 Core Bug #48188 (Rejected): VariableFrontend cache does not support identifiers containing dots
... this causes extbase to crash when using external DB tables (e.g "database.table" notation) as the persistence lay...


05:27 forge.typo3.org Task #33198 (Closed): update Redmine Mylyn Connector
Would be nice if you could update redmines mylyn connector.
latest version @ git://redmin-mylyncon.git.sourceforge...


10:55 TYPO3 Core Bug #25287 (Closed): error when using t3lib_TCEmain->clear_cacheCmd in CLI mode
it should be checked that TYPO3 is not running in CLI mode before writing to log
if (!defined('TYPO3_cliMode')) {

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