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09:01 TYPO3 Core Epic #95153 (Resolved): PHP 8.1 compatibility for v11
Applied in changeset commit:8cc94d14971c7df78c799d8bbafe6fedf89b6f12.
08:51 TYPO3 Core Revision 8cc94d14: [BUGFIX] Remove test data mangling in PHP 8.1 for SQLite
SQLite returns the correct type information now, so this workaround
is not necessary.
As long as we are not on php 8...


19:38 TYPO3 Core Bug #95356 (New): Don't mangle the test string under SQLite in 8.1
Apparently SQLite has the correct types now in PHP 8.1, so the workaround for that bug is now a bug. Remove the bug ...


17:40 TYPO3 Core Task #95253 (Resolved): Make in-process subrequests opt-in
Applied in changeset commit:6bebc19ef33a078f7a98d96585a3c1a6098a2a0d.
17:36 TYPO3 Core Revision 6bebc19e: [TASK] Disable sub-request error pages by default
We can re-enable them by default when we're much more certain
that stateful services have been removed or properly ha...
16:40 TYPO3 Core Task #95253 (Closed): Make in-process subrequests opt-in
Apparently not all of the stateful bits have been cleaned up, so we can't default this to on safely yet.


11:30 TYPO3 Core Task #95155 (Resolved): Resolve fatal errors in PHP 8.1 unit tests
Applied in changeset commit:cd399d1a4f5307bac4104440cc8f300af231e164.
11:25 TYPO3 Core Task #95159 (Resolved): Resolve errors in unit tests under PHP 8.1
Applied in changeset commit:d0740464762138e075766edd208290b7681bd07e.
11:21 TYPO3 Core Revision cd399d1a: [TASK] Resolve fatal errors in unit tests under PHP 8.1
PHP 8.1 now includes types on built in class's properties, which means
redeclaring them without types breaks. Let's n...
11:16 TYPO3 Core Revision d0740464: [TASK] Resolve unit test failures under PHP 8.1
libsodium doesn't support multi-threading. It's unclear why
this code didn't fail previously on 8.0, but sending a th...

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