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15:00 TYPO3 Core Task #98035 (Resolved): Use proper types for ArrayAccess
Applied in changeset commit:847a96386feebc5033418115789a35c5f665b21a. Larry Garfield
14:56 TYPO3 Core Revision 847a9638: [!!!][TASK] Resolve most #[ReturnTypeWillChange] attributes
Sets return types for most classes that implement
PHP SPL classes. Only "mixed" return types are not
set: That would ...
Larry Garfield


21:00 TYPO3 Core Feature #97452 (Resolved): Replace hooks in EditFileController
Applied in changeset commit:edf20a9a73e403e018adaf59b7dc83559eab3691. Larry Garfield
20:55 TYPO3 Core Revision edf20a9a: [!!!][TASK] Remove the not-useful hooks from EditFileController
Per the existing todo messages, these hooks are not useful and
better alternatives already exist. There's therefore n...
Larry Garfield


11:55 TYPO3 Core Feature #97449 (Resolved): Replace hooks in FlexForm tools with PSR-14 Events
Applied in changeset commit:0e075d1e135c65865834850b5dce2a9b096bb7c7. Larry Garfield
11:48 TYPO3 Core Revision 0e075d1e: [!!!][FEATURE] Add PSR-14 Events for flex form parsing
Four new PSR-14 Events are added, which allow to fully
control the flex form parsing in an object-oriented
way. They ...
Larry Garfield


09:15 TYPO3 Core Task #98027 (Resolved): Flesh out type declarations in PropertyMapper
Applied in changeset commit:a642351c51dd931a8064a744866336ad21c3fc6f. Larry Garfield
09:13 TYPO3 Core Revision a642351c: [TASK] Flesh out type declarations in PropertyMapper
Doing so allows us to remove an unnecessary test, as well.
'mixed' type declarations not included to allow backporti...
Larry Garfield


19:45 TYPO3 Core Task #98032 (Resolved): Remove remaining uses of the Serializable interface
Applied in changeset commit:114838d4860d9272117a5932783a3ed9e83eb864. Larry Garfield
19:40 TYPO3 Core Revision 114838d4: [!!!][TASK] Remove uses of the Serializable interface
The Serializable interface has been deprecated, and is
slated for removal entirely in PHP 9. The preferred
Larry Garfield

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