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07:23 TYPO3 Core Bug #94167 (Under Review): Redirects module does not respect query string in regexp redirects
The redirects module does not match query parameters, if a regexp redirect is used.
Relevant code part:


15:39 TYPO3 Core Feature #83145: Add HTTP_RANGE support to the FileDumpController
This might not just be a feature, but also a Bug Fix for Safari:
06:50 Front End User Registration Bug #93742: Class 'TYPO3\CMS\Rsaauth\Backend\BackendFactory' not found
It is dependent on rsaauth:


15:37 TYPO3 Core Bug #93744 (New): Copying pages with translations to sites without translations should not copy translations
When a page is copied, all translations of that page are always copied.
If a page is copied from Site A with Langu...
13:01 Front End User Registration Bug #93742 (Resolved): Class 'TYPO3\CMS\Rsaauth\Backend\BackendFactory' not found
The extension is missing a dependency to *typo3/cms-rsaauth* .
This means, if Rsaauth is not installed, you'll get...


10:34 TYPO3 Core Bug #81756: DatabaseSchemaComparator does not handle renamed columns
Due to a forge change for the patch URLs, the URL has changed:...


16:02 TYPO3 Core Task #92689: Update @typo3/icons to v2 and support icon sprites
Just a note: Moving images (in this case the SVG icons) to another location is always a breaking change, if any code ...


15:00 TYPO3 Core Bug #87901: Regression in TYPO3 v9: Mass-edit of localized records in List view
Yes, it's a duplicate. Restoring the option to disable "Localization view" would allow to mass-edit the localized rec...


14:15 TYPO3 Core Bug #91966 (Closed): readOnly rendering of input is missing placeholder
If you set a field in TCA to readOnly, it is still rendered in the backend (which is great to see the value). If the ...


15:55 TYPO3 Core Bug #91880 (Closed): Routing for actions without parameters broken
I have the following Routing Configuration:...

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