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11:25 TYPO3 Core Bug #70374 (Closed): file_get_contents default context
In our development environment we have to use a proxy to retrieve data from external web addresses. To do this we use...


11:25 TYPO3 Core Bug #61861: Frontend throws exception on missing image
Please look into this problem. It is a big problem when you develop sites with more than one developer.
The state is...


08:38 aloha Bug #54060: News bodytext highlight
I'm sorry just found out how it works.
configuration="{allow: 'all', class: 'alohaeditable-block'}
08:24 aloha Bug #54060 (New): News bodytext highlight
To make a News bodytext editable i've added this to the template:
<aloha:editable table="tx_news_domain_model_news...


12:31 tc_beuser Feature #31855 (Closed): Hide _cli* users for non admin users
When a non admin user is viewing the user list he sees the _cli* users and has the possibility to remove them.


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