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10:18 TYPO3 Core Bug #101589 (Under Review): Frontend page not accessible if be_user is logged in
The frontend user have access rights to see a page. When at the same time a backend user is logged in, a 403 error is... Gerrit Mohrmann


19:57 TYPO3 Core Bug #101386 (Closed): Env placeholder not replaced in site settings.yaml file
With TYPO3v12 the site settings moved in an own file: config/sites/<site_identifier>/settings.yaml
In settings.yam...
Gerrit Mohrmann


09:25 TYPO3 Core Bug #98178 (Closed): Form EmailFinisher overrides for recipients with TypoScript not possible
In TYPO3 10 it was possible setting the recipients dynamical with a little Typoscript:... Gerrit Mohrmann


14:28 TYPO3 Core Bug #96630 (Closed): PHP Warning: Undefined array key "_MOUNT_OL"
... Gerrit Mohrmann


15:00 TYPO3 Core Bug #91004 (Resolved): Felogin (extbase) storagePid missing startpid when recursive is set
Applied in changeset commit:d8d656c0c993650ab7823bc64678713f86e4621a. Gerrit Mohrmann
14:43 TYPO3 Core Revision d8d656c0: [BUGFIX] Set felogin storagePid correctly
When resursive is set, the selected page is now added to the
Resolves: #91004
Releases: master
Gerrit Mohrmann
10:30 TYPO3 Core Bug #91023 (Resolved): Felogin (extbase) login/logout confirmed events not fired when redirects are done
Applied in changeset commit:cf2c3050e2b5b0d28ef3a302b8f6a93451c4fde4. Gerrit Mohrmann
10:19 TYPO3 Core Revision cf2c3050: [BUGFIX] Move redirects in extbase felogin after the events
To fire the LoginConfirmedEvent and LogoutConfirmedEvent even when
redirects are active the redirect handling are mov...
Gerrit Mohrmann


13:33 TYPO3 Core Bug #91023 (Closed): Felogin (extbase) login/logout confirmed events not fired when redirects are done
Redirects are done very early in the initializeAction(). This is nice, but then the events are not reached.
- A no...
Gerrit Mohrmann


21:30 TYPO3 Core Bug #91005 (Resolved): {actionUri} in felogin (extbase) Logout.html always empty
Applied in changeset commit:b755ffbf3d02df6aee64771953f938e65f08d9cb. Gerrit Mohrmann

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