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12:25 TYPO3 Core Bug #91449 (New): Gifbuilder breaks with Security Update (9.5.17); until 9.5.18 performance task
With security fix 9.5.17, the gifbuilder breaks by loading the serialization in line 722 (


08:24 TYPO3 Core Epic #86217: Improve SEO for f:widget.paginate
I good post concerning this tpoic from Yoast:
I think we have to ...


16:01 TYPO3 Core Bug #86065 (Closed): Changed entries are hidden in default language in page module in draft works...
If you have changed content entries in draft workspace mode for a default language, the entries are hidden in page mo...
12:27 TYPO3 Core Bug #86059 (Needs Feedback): Wrong sorting for localized entries in page module with 8.7.16 and h...
With the release of 8.7.16, we get a regression in page module: The sorting for localized records will be determined ...


13:00 TYPO3 Core Task #83797 (Resolved): Filter duplicate cache commands from cacheQueue
Applied in changeset commit:40f76b72fd5bf64933e5f95f7a964c8283ebcf8a.
12:49 TYPO3 Core Revision 40f76b72: [TASK] Filter duplicate cache commands from cacheQueue
remove multiple calling for clear_cachecmd with the same page id
Resolves: #83797
Related: #82930
Releases: 7.6


16:33 TYPO3 Core Task #83797 (Closed): Filter duplicate cache commands from cacheQueue
Related to #82930 for TYPO3 8.7 LTS: under the right condition multiple duplicate cache commands are executed
If y...


08:40 Ratings Bug #72659 (Needs Feedback): loading endlessly
Hello Franz,
the storage was created and storage pid was set? We use the same version in TYPO3 6.2 and we have no pr...


14:50 Calendar Base Bug #62781: Weekday and Month names only english
Hi Matthias,
this is a fluid problem. Use for the month label %B instead and it should be worked.


16:26 Calendar Base Bug #62311: Regression in version 1.5.9
The same issue was already add two month ago with a similar solution. Please fix it before the next version!!

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