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05:30 Grid Elements Task #82037 (Resolved): Refactor DB queries to Doctrine
Applied in changeset commit:5c57696786c3552dfbd982890822a9399578c7a6.
05:22 Grid Elements Revision 5c576967: [WIP][TASK] Refactor database queries to DBAL
Resolves: #82037
Releases: master
Change-Id: Ifba3b6661318de2fab904fe7e1a768ae8715fafd
Reviewed-on: https://review.ty...


11:37 Grid Elements Task #82039 (In Progress): TCA migration
The installtool gives some warnings about the TCA. This issues should be fixed.
09:44 Grid Elements Task #82037 (Under Review): Refactor DB queries to Doctrine
All DB queries should be refactored from the old $GLOBALS['TYPO3_DB'] to the new doctrine-dbal based API to remove al...


14:18 Core Feature #82004 (Under Review): Missing hooks in PageLayoutView
I want to make it possible to render some content on several places within the page module in the backend. Therefor i...


00:29 Core Bug #81297: Extbase record preview leads to 404 due to missing cHash
Any news on this? Needs help?


14:08 Core Bug #77979 (In Progress): Setting [SYS][dbClientCompress] resolves in an error
13:43 Core Bug #77979 (Closed): Setting [SYS][dbClientCompress] resolves in an error
In the install-tool it is possible to set @[SYS][dbClientCompress]@ but after enabling it, and going back to the inst...


14:46 Core Task #66372: Add a tab handler which can handle the selection of arbitrary records
What is the status of this issue? Is any help needed? I really would like this function in the core


10:30 Core Task #75760 (Resolved): Doctrine: migrate ext:backend/Classes/Domain/Repository/Localization
Applied in changeset commit:8adef84d3553123cc1c58bb5e1cf90164695c1eb.

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