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12:08 Core Bug #82533 (Under Review): Redis Unit Tests broken because of a breaking change in phpredis/phpredis
More infos can be found here:


23:00 Core Bug #82185 (Resolved): Install tool: Prev / Next button load dynamic card content
Applied in changeset commit:aa787747ea07598b2c8ff82fdc1cd54e29269f55.
22:35 Core Revision aa787747: [BUGFIX] Install tool: Use CardLayout events to init card
Some install tool cards load content on opening the card.
The patch now fires events on open and modules single card


13:30 Core Bug #82138 (Resolved): Extensionscanner not working in standalone
Applied in changeset commit:2ee04e284eace6a2316c4e6610231a10584a3546.
13:17 Core Revision 2ee04e28: [BUGFIX] Make Notifications module usable in install tool
This patch makes the Notification module in standalone install tool
usable by adding the required CSS and fixing the ...
13:00 Core Bug #82151 (Resolved): Quickly clicking on prev/next buttons in doc header of install tool can ki...
Applied in changeset commit:a9807917ebc48fb12ece72eabd87b575db925345.
12:39 Core Revision a9807917: [BUGFIX] Refactoring of CardLayout.js
This patch refactors the CardLayput.js to prevent some trouble with
the navigation icons in the doc header.
12:00 Core Bug #82150 (Resolved): Upgrade wizards “mark undone + text” looks ugly
Applied in changeset commit:67e0d07ab6439ed53afe89c07b2232608c671b5a.
11:54 Core Revision 67e0d07a: [BUGFIX] Fix broken table layout of Upgrade Wizards table
Resolves: #82150
Releases: master
Change-Id: I962a41df0f0375bbf1b325f29d270d8fe2da0e5f
Reviewed-on: https://review.ty...


22:34 Core Bug #82151 (Resolved): Quickly clicking on prev/next buttons in doc header of install tool can ki...
Fast clicking in the pre/next buttons in the doc header of the install tool can kill the layout.
The CardLayout.js c...

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