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09:25 TYPO3 Core Revision ef695e4f: [BUGFIX] Show hidden records that are unhidden in workspace
When a live record that is hidden, but gets unhidden in a
workspace version, the record should also be resolved withi...


20:30 TYPO3 Core Task #91551 (Resolved): Remove DelegateInterface and usages from core
Applied in changeset commit:c1506d69efed929b55d3e79d91fa9c6706d82e3c.
20:25 TYPO3 Core Revision c1506d69: [!!!][TASK] Remove DelegateInterface related code from core
Resolves: #91551
Releases: master
Change-Id: If26ad358d0a8ef750d983a7221e4d000d4b8cd4f
Reviewed-on: https://review.ty...
12:02 TYPO3 Core Task #91551 (Resolved): Remove DelegateInterface and usages from core


14:47 TYPO3 Core Bug #78885 (In Progress): Install tool database examination fails with non-omnipotent database user


11:21 TYPO3 Core Revision 14929b98: [SECURITY] Prevent time based information disclosure
To prevent a time based information disclosure in backend password reset,
this patch adds a random delay between 200 ...


09:08 TYPO3 Core Bug #86923 (Accepted): Symfony expressions/conditions doesn't work in user-tsconfig
already fixed in master (v10)
09:08 TYPO3 Core Bug #90075 (Accepted): backend user symfony expressions not working in TSConfig
already fixed in master (v10)


17:00 TYPO3 Core Bug #91244 (Resolved): Set LinkButton disabled
Applied in changeset commit:c342a0dedcd069e5b2e599416b2d38ea937c5a72.
16:53 TYPO3 Core Revision c342a0de: [BUGFIX] Respect disabled flag in render method of LinkButton
Resolves: #91244
Releases: master
Change-Id: I107cb96ff416211028f9da524500f1ca15c3297c
Reviewed-on: https://review.ty...

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