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10:51 TYPO3 Core Feature #60907: Mass edit for file list
Definitely think the status of this ought to be "should have".
I'd tried to use Robert's url hack but can't get it t...


14:07 MetaSEO - TYPO3 SEO Enhancements Support #62150 (Closed): Disable output of meta name description
I had duplicated output for a few meta entries which were simply dealt with by disabling the page.meta entries...


14:29 TYPO3 Core Bug #59605 (Resolved): Export to .t3d depends on presence of Powermail extension
I get a permanent failure with this message when trying to export from pid 0:
#1: PHP Warning: fileperms(): stat f...


11:52 TYPO3 Core Bug #55321: Hello World predefined distribution on Typo3 6.2 on XAMPP
I too have been bitten by this "bug".
I have installed what I believed to be 6.2LTS so that should be a stable, work...


15:27 Twitter bootstrap Bug #37277 (Closed): Style inclusion order breaks navbar rendering
The body padding needs to live in between bootstrap.min.css and bootstrap.responsive.min.css else the navbar jumps do...


00:57 GH Random Content Support #7731: Two instances of the plugin on one page do not use different source-pages
Templavoila or oldskool?

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