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10:28 subversion support for TYPO3 Bug #13814 (Rejected): extension doesn't show up in list-module
Sorry for responding late here. I'm closing this issue for now, since we don't have time to fix Windows/IIS issues at...


09:42 TYPO3 Core Bug #27919: Preview in Admin Panel does not handle Timezone correctly
Is there any action going on in t3lib/jsfunc.evalfield.js? Does not seem so, according to the git commit log in the 6...


17:47 subversion support for TYPO3 Feature #37272: Diff view should be wider (override default css)
Hi Andreas, thanks for your "patch". We will check and commit that one, as soon as time permits.


16:47 Useful informations in reports module Bug #34046 (Resolved): Exception thrown in report "AJAX (eID)" on TYPO3 4.5.10
Happens on SLES10, PHP 5.2.4, APC enabled, only in the mentioned report - the other reports work fine.
See Screensho...


20:30 subversion support for TYPO3 Bug #10940 (Resolved): diff view doesn't work with target definition as working copy extension
Sure, we'll release a new TER version this week. Thanks for contributing, Marc Bastian!


16:27 subversion support for TYPO3 Feature #3746 (Under Review): Option to choose a certain revision for checkout / update
We did some work on related functionality, i.e. a new feature "update to svn tag"...quite a big logical change, but w...


11:03 subversion support for TYPO3 Bug #10584 (Accepted): np_subversion floods deprecation log
Thanks! Will check/commit the patch as soon as possible.


12:56 TYPO3.Kickstart Bug #8177: Wrong Template name
Patrick Kollodzik wrote:
> Using FLOW3 Alpha 9
> [...]
> The filename of the index template for the Standa...


13:55 subversion support for TYPO3 Feature #6824: Update version number in extensions on every commit
Axel Böswetter wrote:
> Finally I had the time to move things a little forward. So my first patch is about adding the...

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