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21:57 TYPO3.Neos Revision d2a6d766: [TASK] Cookbook Example for Wrapping a List of Content Elements
Starting with a simple example for just wrap with a div to using a
checkbox for adopting output via fluid.


19:19 TYPO3.Neos Revision 7450c102: [BUGFIX] Neos Icons should have a reseted margin
In the frontend you could define different css settings for your
FontAwesome classes. Using a margin should not break...
13:16 TYPO3.Neos Revision 88d8e0f9: [BUGFIX] add a save check for disabled selectbox options
Only if the disabled value is set to true it will actually be
disabled. If a value is missing or it has any other val...


13:09 TYPO3.Neos Revision 1df5071f: [TASK] Integrator Cookbook Adding a Simple Contact Form
Simple Step by Step How to create a Contact Form and insert it in the page.
Change-Id: Ie1adc24a1e6d849d8ac1c447d4c0...
13:07 TYPO3.Neos.NodeTypes Revision 7b2cd464: [FEATURE] adds a Form Element that uses TYPO3.Form Yaml Files
Via selecting a valid form identifier in the inspecter a TYPO3.Form
Yaml Setting File can be rendered.
Change-Id: I5...
09:35 TYPO3.Form Revision 5dfaeee3: [TASK] Improve the error message if persistenceIdentifier is not found
The error should display the failed path.
Change-Id: Ic5e8fe68ff43ec466aa706c99c8a26b678ff89d8


17:41 TYPO3.Form Feature #52481 (Resolved): Translations for Error Message should be easily changed
currently you have to copy
edit this li...
14:16 Base Distribution Task #52330: Headers should support basic text formatting
thx :)
12:38 TYPO3.Neos.NodeTypes Revision 5a384d8f: [FEATURE] Allow Aloha Buttons to be configured via yaml settings
Change-Id: I2bf521e969878c94c13c91cdb79ababc7f12281f
Resolves: #52330
12:38 TYPO3.Neos Revision fa0f854a: [FEATURE] Allow Aloha Buttons to be configured via yaml settings
For each contentelement you can define properties.ui.aloha.* with
an array. Supported are table, link, list, alignmen...

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