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09:56 Server Team Bug #37285: Evaluate encrypted databags for Chef
As an alternative / addition to custom encryption keys for databags we can also evaluate
09:20 Server Team Bug #37285 (Resolved): Evaluate encrypted databags for Chef
We evaluated encrypted databags on our last meeting in Wiesbaden (


12:06 Server Team Bug #46113: Apache warnings on
As a rule of thumb I always try to run @chef-client@ in @DEBUG@ mode, if a strange error occurs:
chef-client -...


13:52 Server Team Wiki edit: Meeting_2013-02-05 (#3)
Fix markdown for headline. No content changes


09:33 Server Team Suggestion #41022: A central message queue
Steffen Gebert wrote:
> The Logging server will add an ActiveMQ, we will try to use this, once it's there.
I foun...


23:24 Server Team Bug #37284 (Closed): Freeze Chef cookbooks
h2. Mission "Frozen Daiquiri" accomplished!
The following cookbooks have been frozen to this version:...
22:30 Server Team Bug #37284 (Accepted): Freeze Chef cookbooks
The following @cookbooks@ and @site-cookbooks@ will be set to @--freeze@ mode for the current version:
h2. cookboo...


09:10 Server Team Bug #36146: Evaluate Redmine vs.openproject
I have to improve the @chef-redmine@ cookbook ( anyway.
So I'll setup a l...


23:11 Bug #26711: Wrong person is written into the issue as soon as I push a patch to gerrit
Stefano Kowalke wrote:
> This is the right behavior. The comment comes from the robot user "Mr. Hudson" and update y...


19:15 Wiki edit: Forge (#62)
Changed link to project "team-ciserver" using redmine link API

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