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16:51 cooluri Bug #75185: Reason: Request parameters could not be validated (&cHash comparison failed)
To avoid this all query parameters have to be mapped only then cHash can be safely removed. However, there's a proble...


19:37 cooluri Bug #72324: Exclude this page from middle of a page path - Speaking URL bug
category/product is pagepath? Or is "category" page and "product" is a parameter. When "product" is not part of pagep...


13:44 cooluri Bug #72324 (Needs Feedback): Exclude this page from middle of a page path - Speaking URL bug
I'm sorry, I don't understand what's the problem.


00:12 cooluri Task #70386 (Resolved): Preview-Links created without cHash but no_cache=1 falsely converted and cached by cooluri
Here you go: https://github.com/bednee/cooluri/commit/ace4538f99d51ea5b3119eda36ad0568decada42


22:06 cooluri Bug #69336: cooluri links to wrong page
This is odd. This parameter is used only when looking up pagepath. It shouldn't affect translation of other parameter...


21:39 cooluri Feature #67028 (Rejected): Auto-Generate URL
This is not really task for CoolUri. You can e.g. configure crawler extension that's used for indexing, to crawl all ...


22:42 cooluri Bug #66951 (Resolved): Not working on TYPO3 7.2
I have just pushed compatibility fix. Tested under 7.2, working fine. Please give it a test ride and if it's OK I can...


20:04 cooluri Bug #66951: Not working on TYPO3 7.2
Please try the latest version from GitHub - https://github.com/bednee/cooluri


23:03 cooluri Bug #31365: Multiple domains on the same root page
Use the domainlanguages feature described in the manual and in example XML config.


10:21 cooluri Bug #66133 (Rejected): Warning in session handling
Hi Tim,
CoolUri doesn't generate session id, it just calls session_start() and that's it. So it can be problem of ...

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