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10:41 TYPO3 Core Bug #17227: Shortcut to external URL if referer-check enabled
??Now I set doNotCheckReferer and the redirects work as suspected (302). But I am not sure, which side effects now ex...
10:39 TYPO3 Core Bug #16547: Link to external URL page doesn't forward
*NOT* fixed in 4.5.40 and 6.X.X
See for workarounds.
Just noting for others en...


10:10 Perfect Lightbox Bug #59709 (Under Review): Lightbox doesn't work when path or filename contains whitespaces
10:09 Perfect Lightbox Bug #60146 (Under Review): EXT:smoothmigration: Deprecated static methods
Please check, thx.
10:08 Perfect Lightbox Bug #60688 (Rejected): perfectlightbox 3.1.5 and 3.1.6 break dam_ttnews
It never worked. Won't fix, sry.
10:07 Perfect Lightbox Bug #60780 (Under Review): Overlay-layer shows above image-popup in jquery-mode with newer jquery


16:32 TYPO3 Core Task #60801 (Rejected): Remove "tt_content >" from SYSEXT: css_styled_content
It would be preferable to not have that rude approach in a system extension (please enlighten me if this is definetel...


09:35 Perfect Lightbox Doubled team size
With addition of Tim as Co-Leader the DEV-Team of PLB is double the size! :-)
Since now we'll therefore fix issues /...
09:27 Perfect Lightbox Bug #58897 (Resolved): v. 3.15 with latest typo3 6.2 version
Thx for feedback. Version 3.1.6 is on the way.


11:45 TYPO3.Fluid Bug #27826: Missing "size" Attribute in the Form.Upload ViewHelper
Stefan Neufeind wrote:
> Afaik there is no "size" with a meaning of field-width (for display) of a file-field, other...

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