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Access to flexform data in an other Action

Added by C. Gogolin 7 months ago. Updated 5 days ago.

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Hello everyone,

It started with this: I found the concept of the Record Storage Page a bit too simple if you want to cover more complex scenarios.
For example, I have an extension where I specify the FE users separately and a page where information is stored and at the end a directory where data is actually stored. So in the Flexforms many different page trees (selectTree) are displayed, where you can specify individually where something is located. This information is then manually packed into the corresponding repository so that the repository can find / save something in the right place.
I didn't just do this in one place, but in several extensions. It would be cool if something like this could be automated: In flexform you specify the repository class and then the page trees are rendered.

But that's just a side issue: I now have a list action in my controller. This displays everything and you can also create new data entries straight away. However, if you now connect the form to the save action, the save-action controller (even if it is the same controller) understandably does not know the flexform settings. I have also found a remedy for this. I transmit the uid of the ContentElement with the form. But enabling access to the flexforms of the original list action content element in each controller is really a lot of work.

It would be cool here if you didn't have to specify the controller/page/extension for the form and the URis, but simply the ContentElement would suffice.
Which would also be much more precise: Because what if you use the same plugin multiple times on the same page?
Even better: if you could specify not only a target ContentElement but also a Context-ContentElement so that you could read the FlexForms of the Context-ContentElement. The action controller could then provide this information accordingly.

What do you think of these ideas?

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thanks for your detailed issue! TYPO3 is capable of a lots of things and fetching data from various places like different content elements.
When it comes to reusing data I might use a similiar approach or maybe store the information in Typoscript or maybe in the page instead of the content elements.

anyway, I don't see what the core should change as your suggestions are highly related to your application and others might need it again differently. therefore I am closing this issue!


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